It's versatile, it's healthy, it's absolutely delicious, peanut butter works in savory, sweet, smoothie or S'more form. We celebrate creative peanut butter uses with 7 of our favorite PB recipes. 

Sriracha Turkey Satay Burger

All the peanut goodness and spice of street food style chicken satay get the burger treatment to create this crowd-pleasing flavor bomb. 

“Breakfast Bruschetta” With Espresso Nib Butter, Bacon & Shaved Chocolate

This bacon, PB and chocolate toast is the perfect Sunday morning ( or afternoon) nut butter hit. 

Peanut Butter & Banana Jam Smoothie 

Our favorite powdered peanut butter gets the call for this protein-packed, power smoothie.

Grilled Bananas With Chocolate Peanut Butter & Crumbled Cookies

Looking for an easy grilled desert?  Look no further than these grilled Bananas with a quick and easy peanut butter sauce. 

Grilled Honey Chipotle PB & J

The peanut butter and jam sandwich aka the all-time childhood favorite gets an adult twist. 

The "Elvis" Bacon Sandwich

We can't help falling in love with the King's classic sando. 

Cashew Cinnamon Butter S’mores

The campfire classic gets upgraded with one of our favorite peanut butter makers in the US of A. 

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