8 Of The Best Hot Sauces of 2023

8 Of The Best Hot Sauces of 2023

If you're a hot sauce enthusiast looking to spice up your life, you've come to the right place. In this post, we'll be sharing the top hot sauces of 2023, guaranteed to ignite your taste buds and satisfy your cravings. From mild to wild, we've got you covered. Get ready to discover the best hot sauces of the year!

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Chicken Yakitori With Date Barbecue Sauce Glaze

Best Serrano Hot Sauce: Yellowbird Serrano

The often overlooked Serrano, complex, fruity flavor with smooth heat. The Jalapeño gets most the praise but Yellowbird does a good job shining the spotlight on team Serrano. We tossed caramelized butternut squash in this for tacos and add a pop into a Bloody Mary for kickoff.

From The Maker:

Classic Serrano Hot Sauce with cucumbers, garlic, and lime. Meal–enhancing formula that’s notably bright and tangy for the “hobbyist–level” thrill seeker.

2 Best Truffle Hot Sauces

Best Truffle Hot Sauce: Truff Hot Sauce

Truff Hot Sauce is a premium hot sauce brand that offers a unique and luxurious twist to the traditional hot sauce. It is made with a combination of ripe chili peppers, black truffle oil, organic agave nectar, and a blend of spices. This sauce is carefully crafted to create a complex and balanced flavor profile that is both spicy and sweet, with a deep umami taste from the truffle oil.

BBQ Shrimp Salad

Truffle Corn

Best Truffle Hot Sauce: Truffle Hot Sauce // Terrapin Ridge Farms

A burgeoning trend in food these days is the welcome addition of Truffle to more things. No longer a flavor reserved for royalty, it started with Truffle fries but now you see the likes of Truffle mustard, popcorn and this fine hot sauce. The result? You can hit almost anything with a truffle kick. From nachos and mac n' cheese, to grilled shrimp and pulled pork. Terrapin Ridge has made a truffle sauce that packs a punch but the versatility to upgrade any plate.

Fast 5 Uses:

1. Truffle Corn

2. Truffle Potatoes

3. Truffle BLT

4. Truffle Burger Patty

5. Truffle Slaw

From The Maker:

Our Hot Truffle Sauce marries spicy chili peppers with the unique earthy flavor of truffles to create something truly special.  Level up your mac ‘n cheese and pasta recipes.  Add sophisticated flair to burgers, grilled cheese, chicken wings and tenders. 

Butternut Squash And Chorizo Tacos With Grated Dark Chocolate

Best Extra Hot Hot Sauce Hitch Hiker Hot Sauce

Picking up hitchhikers is not always the best idea unless it’s a bottle of this fiery (but flavorful) sauce from Austin flavor kings Yellowbird. A little squeeze of this stuff goes a long way with heat and pleasing taste. We’ve been stirring it into chili and soup and adding a dab over eggs in the am. For game day, add a little to your wing recipe, some slider patties or if you a daring, a touch in spicy salty nuts for ice cream.

From The Maker:

"With fresh Habaneros as the first ingredient, this flavor was made for those who seek a thrill every day. This two-time, award-winning flavor (at the Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Fest) demands respect for our heroic Habanero Pepper, but it’s not all heat. This spicy combo of fruity habaneros, rich olive oil, and earthy shiitake mushrooms was made to take your tongue on a thrilling flavor adventure."Scoville Heat Unit Rating (SHU) 91,597

Best Hot Sauce For Dipping: Everything But The Dumpling Hot Sauce 

Many hot sauces are one-dimensional aka. spice and not much else. Seed Ranch understands the dimensions of flavor and this sauce delivers a versatile blast of umami, heat and punch from ginger.  Our go-to move is to dress up cold noods for a quick dinner that curves cravings.  Seed Ranch is one of the best sauce makers in the country, we recommend anything from their line-up of spicy goodness.

Cold Ramen Noodle Salad With Peanuts, Chili & Lime

From The Maker:

Nice and mild, everything tastes better dipped or doused in this sauce. Fresh ginger, a hint of wasabi, and mouth-watering sesame make the perfect combo to pour your favorite sushi & dumpling flavors anywhere!

NOT JUST FOR DIPPING: Use this sauce to marinade proteins, with noodles, as salad dressing, or make any rice-based dish more flavorful

5 Fast Uses

  1. Avocado Toast
  2. Douse Into Pasta Sauce
  3. Spike Some Chicken Broth & Noodles
  4. Scrambled Eggs
  5. Over Grilled Veggies 

Best Chili Crisp: Fly By Jing Extra Hot Chili Crisp

Fly By Jing dropped their Extra Hot Sichuan Chili Crisp. If we talk about Fly By Jing a lot it’s because we really like and use Fly By Jing a lot. This is a spicier version of their numbing pain and flavor creating OG chili crisp. If you know someone that loves spice give it a go.

Best Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce: Heartbeat Hot Sauce

A good everyday hot sauce can be hard to come by. The old stalwarts like Sriracha or Louisiana do the trick but Heartbeat has released a line of functional, flavorful all-purpose hot sauces you can cook with or finish with. Try tossing wings in Heartbeat Sauce or splashing over tacos. It’s a Pantry product that can add quick heat in a heartbeat. 

Best BBQ Hot Sauce: Bachan's Hot & Spicy Japanese Barbecue Sauce

Anything coming off the grill that gets hit with Bachan’s Spicy Japanese Barbecue Sauce is going to be delicious. Yakitori, grilled corn, tacos or salmon will benefit hugely with a blast of Bachan’s. The secret is the citrusy Yuzu backend which is refreshing and fragrant. It’s also great to squeeze into noodles or stir fry. A pantry product that is indispensable for home cooks that love easy, tasty weeknight dinners.   

Best Hot Sauce For Cooking: Yeak Chruk Cambodian American Hot Sauce

This sauce is proof that you can take a dish to the next level in a few drops of the right stuff. Chruk in Cambodian means to pickle. And this family recipe showcases the heat of a habanero that is mellowed out by pickling it in sweet brine. Drop a little on a banh mi sandwich and over stir fried noodles or wake up your breakfast by adding a touch to fried eggs. The beauty of Yeak's sauce is that just a tad helps flavors pop with thanks to the acidic blast of vinegar (this is why lemon juice makes things taste better). Look no further than this crunchy beef salad littered with fresh herbs. 

5 Fast Uses

1. Douse Chruk on Carne Asada Tacos.

2. Chruk over roasted pork or meats.

3. Chruk on fresh boiled seafood like crawfish, shrimp or clam.

4. A drop or two of Chruk to spice up a broth or soup.

5. Add Chruk to a sandwich (the vinegar heat is like next level spicy pickled peppers).

From The Maker:

Chruk is a recipe our family wanted to share with the world. It's simple. Make a sweet brine. Find the hottest pepper you can get your hands on. Pickle it. Wait. Wait some more. Finally, eat it with anything you want. Chruk isn't the spiciest thing in the world, but it's spicy enough to do some damage. Created with pain and flavor in mind, the sweetness calms the spice down, so it's bareable. 

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