When the grill glows, the chef should too — tamer of fire, lit with manly pride, and a slug or two of liquid courage. So unpack the crate, fire the grill, and grab a glass. First round’s on us; first plate’s for the chef.

East Carolina BBQ Wings

East Carolina Vinegar Sauce // Sam Jones BBQ // Winterville, NC

In Kansas City it's sweet tomato style, in Alabama you'll find white bbq sauce, Texas is a whole other thing but in Eastern North Carolina it's all about whole hog and vinegar sauce. Few humans know more about Eastern N.C. barbecue than the Jones family who have also run the mecca of Skylight Inn since 1947 and happen to have been cooking hogs since the nineteenth century. Sam Jones BBQ is the latest in spreading the family empire and gospel of this unique style of cue. Until you get a chance to visit, this sauce can be doused on everything from grilled meats and slow-smoked pork of course, but don't shy away from using it in salad dressing or for slaw.

From The Maker:

Our sauce is a classic Eastern N.C. vinegar sauce with a touch of sweetness and a small hint of heat. Perfected over generations to dress pork but works great on chicken. Is meant to be applied after cooking pork to dress or blend in.

When the grill glows, the chef should too — tamer of fire, lit with manly pride, and a slug or two of liquid courage. So unpack the crate, fire the grill, and grab a glass. First round’s on us; first plate’s for the chef.

Smoked Pork Recipe

Rub Potion No. Swine // Sam Jones BBQ // Winterville, NC

When it comes to a true "all-purpose" BBQ rub the gents down at Sam Jones BBQ have a couple generations of experience.  This seasoning works on any grilled meats, shrimp, veggies or can easily kick up some mayo for a quick dip.  Of course it's a no brainer for rubbing down pork for the smoker but don't miss it dusted on grilled corn either.

From The Maker: 

Our rub is a North Carolina standard. This expertly-crafted seasoning is what we use for pork and chicken, applying before cooking. But we also think it makes a pretty good seasoning on everything from fries to hamburgers. 

Sam Jones Ribs Recipe

Pork Spare Ribs Recipe

Sam Jones Burger Recipe

1947 Burger Recipe

BBQ Shrimp Salad

Truffle Corn

Truffle Hot Sauce // Terrapin Ridge Farms // Clearwater, FL

A burgeoning trend in food these days is the welcome addition of Truffle to more things. No longer a flavor reserved for royalty, it started with Truffle fries but now you see the likes of Truffle mustard, popcorn and this fine hot sauce. The result? You can hit almost anything with a truffle kick. From nachos and mac n' cheese, to grilled shrimp and pulled pork. Terrapin Ridge has made a truffle sauce that packs a punch but the versatility to upgrade any plate.

Fast 5 Uses:

1. Truffle Corn

2. Truffle Potatoes

3. Truffle BLT

4. Truffle Burger Patty

5. Truffle Slaw

From The Maker:

Our Hot Truffle Sauce marries spicy chili peppers with the unique earthy flavor of truffles to create something truly special.  Level up your mac ‘n cheese and pasta recipes.  Add sophisticated flair to burgers, grilled cheese, chicken wings and tenders. 

Sweet Heat Peanuts // Hubs // Sedley, VA

Hub's Peanut Pesto 

Jamie's Farm Granola Mantry

Rosemary Granola // Jamie's Farm // New York, NY

Jamie's Farm is not making your everyday breakfast Granola. Sure, it goes great on yoghurt with a hit of honey but you can also crumble it over salad, roll goat's cheese through it, shower it over grilled veggies or anything else you want to add a little rosemary crunch too.  Think of it as a savoury, texture creating topping for anything coming off the bbq.

From The Maker: 

The Flavor that started it all. Aromatic rosemary with honey-toasted oats, ghee butter, and sweet currants.

More sweet than savory, our granola gets fresh rosemary leaves infused into its honey and ghee base, adding layers of flavor. Then, we toss our crunchy clusters with sweet, chewy currants for a positively obsession-worthy blend. Trust us on this one.

- 2021 Silver sofi Award Winner
- 2022 Good Food Awards Finalist 

BBQ Jerky // Aufschnitt Beef Jerky // Owings Mills, MD

No mass production or automation here, just grass-fed beef and age-old family recipes. Aufschnitt takes their journey on the BBQ trail for the protein-packed snack that is great for pre-afternoon crash, post-workout or during beer sippin' sessions. Need more healthy power? Try their beef bars or beef sticks that will curb any craving and keep you fuelled while you wait for the cue to heat up. 

From The Maker:

Looking for a BBQ in a bag? Try our BBQ Jerky and you will be pleasantly surprised with the amazing flavor. Enjoy your Kosher, all natural, gluten free BBQ Beef Jerky sourced from Grass Fed Beef.


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