Sriracha, that magical mixture of spice and umami can be used in nearly never-ending recipes.  From a twist on wings to ice cream, here are 14 ways to serve the world's go-to hot sauce in a variety of mouthwatering, spicy dishes.

1. Toss Grilled WIngs in Bacon Sriracha - @beardedbeastbbq

"#wingsday coming in hot and I mean. Seasoned these bad boys with @chefjasonmorse Tiki Tiki rub , and made up a wing sauce with @fatcatsauces bacon flavored sriracha. Had an awesome flavor and even better kick to it."

2. Douse Sriracha over grilled Spatchcock Chicken - @egginwithdad

"A whole bird has thighs so I'm greenlighting this baby for #thighthursday !

This spatchcock chicken was treated with half and half style seasonings: Bacon Bomb on the left and Elote Loco on the right, both from @psseasoning

I cooked this on my large @biggreenegg over @jealousdevilcharcoal and pecan chunks at 350º until the internal temp in the breast hit 160º

About ten min before I pulled it, I brushed the left side with @fatcatsauces bacon sriracha (thanks @mantry !) In keeping with the main theme

Crisp skin, great flavor, and juicy meat. Hit the trifecta!"

3. Use Sriracha to spice up meatballs - @grilldaddyjg

"🔥Warning🔥 The post you are seeing is absolutely 🔥🔥🔥delicious!!! These Buffalo Chicken Meatballs using @fatcatsauces Bacon Sriracha Buffalo Sauce are so good!! Used @porkpanko as a binder and cooked up at 400 degrees in the @biggreenegg MiniMax!"

4. Sriracha Popcorn like @tasteloveandnourish

Sriracha Popcorn - You are going to love this fat-free method of popping corn! Add this spicy, tangy sriracha topping and you've got the perfect healthy snack with lots of great flavor! Easy-peasy! From @tasteLUVnourish on

5. Scoop Sriracha over any grilled meats like this plate of Montreal Spiced Steak & Eggs for breakfast. 


6. Mix Sriracha and Ketchup for a quick spicy condiment to put on anything from burgers to fried back bacon toast.

7. Mix Sriracha with mayo for dipping roasted sweet potatoes in,  drizzling over sushi or the perfect sandwich schmear. 


8. Spice up some Sriracha Lettuce Wraps...

 9. Add Sriracha to your favorite mac n' cheese recipe.

Sriracha Mac & Cheese

 10. Make Sriracha Chex Mix like My Bacon Wrapped Life.

11. Try these Bacon Wrapped Sriracha Onion Rings from @kirbiecravings.

12. Sriracha Maple Syrup over Fresh Waffles like Domestic Fits

13. A little fire and ice with this Sriracha Ice Cream from @thesaltycanary.

14. Make Sriracha Candied Bacon for the Ultimate Clubhouse...

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