Above: Crêpes + Maple + Crumbled Ticket Chocolate

Before man exchanged coonskin caps and buckskins for Xbox and the snuggie, traders, trappers and sap tappers wandered the woods of America in search of their next meal. Mantry explores the nation to uncover six staples inspired by our rugged forefathers.

Maple Syrup // Gateway Farms // Bristol, VT

When it comes to an artisan operation, it doesn’t get more hand crafted than Gateway Farm. They tap the sap from trees on their property and for the sugaring operation even “Cut the trees from our property, milled the lumber on-site, and constructed the timber frame structure ourselves”. That is some Dick Proenneke level commitment and all the effort translates into one of the best pure representations of Maple Syrup in the US of A. Douse your next short stack in this stuff, close your eyes and you’ll be transported to a dewy morning in Bristol, Vermont.

Want to bark up another tree? They also produce hard to find Birch Syrup.

Maple Buttermilk Pancake Mix // Lowell Mountain Mills // Westfield, VT

We like to go with a thin pancake (Some would call it a crêpe) doused in Maple Syrup and a sprinkle of Pecan Waffle Ticket Chocolate. Yes, waffles on pancakes, a wonderful meeting of breakfast mainstays. Made in small batches by Vermonters, this mix affirms a week is rarely complete without a Sunday pancake bubbling away on some cast iron.

Waffle Pecan Chocolate Bar // Ticket Chocolate // Loomis, CA

If we could get one golden ticket to visit a chocolate factory it might just be the good people of Ticket Chocolate in Northern California. Whether it’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate on a Stick or S’mores Kits this sweet shop offers up two tickets to chocolate-y paradise. In their own words:

“Our name. Like a great trip, we want our chocolate to be a part of moments to remember. We want to create chocolate and sweets that send you…

Ticket Chocolate is the result of years of dreaming and many late night conversations (while lingering over steaming mugs of delicious hot chocolate, of course!) …why not come along for the ride?”

This brings us to the Waffle Pecan Artisan Beloved Bar which is the chocolate answer to throwing on a chunky knit sweater and tucking into Sunday waffles without having to clean that damn waffle maker. You may want to hide this one from the family ;)

Buffalo Style Flank Steak Beef Jerky // Kingmade Jerky // McKinney, TX

The official jerky of the PGA Tour and an absolute hole in one for Jerky lovers. Kingmade uses Flank Steak, none of that processed meat pulp, to concoct a truly unique meat snack. No trip into the wilderness (or the golf course) is complete without this jerky made from 100% grass-fed beef. We’d also recommend the Sweet Chili Pepper or the Classic. Mantry has sifted through mountains of Jerky and this one is fit for a King.

Montreal Steak Seasoning // Gustus Vitae // Pasadena, CA

Quebec knows a thing or two about backwoods, log cabins and meat. so it’s no surprise that Montreal has produced quite possibly, the best seasoning for steak the world over. Gustus Vitae clued in and shook up this awesome version of the classic Montreal Steak Spice. Now, recipes don’t get much simpler than dousing a piece of bovine in spices and tossing it on the grill but the result is as satisfying as any. Black pepper, fragrant coriander and garlic help take your steak to the next level, Bon Appétit!

Steak + Montreal Steak Spice + JoJo's Sriracha + Fried Egg

OG Sriracha // JoJo’s Sriracha // Denver, CO

When stranded off in the mountains (or just at home), you’re only as good as the condiments you keep. A little dab of special sauce can elevate a dish from bland to your crowd beating down the kitchen door for seconds. Look no further than Jojo’s Sriracha which is “thoughtfully sourced carefully fermented and intentionally blended” to create a sriracha that rivals (dare we say surpasses) that one in the plastic bottle.

More Uses:

Sriracha Honey Marinade

JoJo's Peanut Sauce

Sriracha Veggie Burgers

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