Let’s go on a global tour of some game day inspired eats using six of of our favorite food makers in America.

Chicken Yakitori With Date Barbecue Sauce Glaze

Yellowbird Serrano // Yellowbird // Austin, TX

The often overlooked Serrano, complex, fruity flavor with smooth heat. The Jalapeño gets most the praise but Yellowbird does a good job shining the spotlight on team Serrano. We tossed caramelized butternut squash in this for tacos and add a pop into a Bloody Mary for kickoff.

From The Maker:

Classic Serrano Hot Sauce with cucumbers, garlic, and lime. Meal–enhancing formula that’s notably bright and tangy for the “hobbyist–level” thrill seeker.

Chicken Yakitori With Date Barbecue Sauce Glaze

Kissed by Binchotan Japanese Chile Blend // Spice Tribe // San Francisco, CA

The Spice Tribe mixes and matches magic taking those who get a chance to use their product on a global ride from country to country. With the addition of a regional chili or a special ingredient, they offer mini vacations in a jar. This Japanese-inspired blend is as functional as it is delicious. You can dust it on chicken for yakitori, any piece of fish or toss vegetables destined for the grill in it.

Butternut Squash And Chorizo Tacos With Grated Dark Chocolate

Hitch Hiker Hot Sauce // Yellowbird // Austin, TX

Picking up hitchhikers is not always the best idea unless it’s a bottle of this fiery (but flavorful) sauce from Austin flavor kings Yellowbird. A little squeeze of this stuff goes a long way with heat and pleasing taste. We’ve been stirring it into chili and soup and adding a dab over eggs in the am. For game day, add a little to your wing recipe, some slider patties or if you a daring, a touch in spicy salty nuts for ice cream.

From The Maker:

"With fresh Habaneros as the first ingredient, this flavor was made for those who seek a thrill every day. This two-time, award-winning flavor (at the Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Fest) demands respect for our heroic Habanero Pepper, but it’s not all heat. This spicy combo of fruity habaneros, rich olive oil, and earthy shiitake mushrooms was made to take your tongue on a thrilling flavor adventure."Scoville Heat Unit Rating (SHU) 91,597

Chorizo Guacamole With Date BBQ Sauce

Date Lady Original BBQ Sauce // Date Lady // Springfield, MO

We at Mantry love a twist on classic functional sauces and The Date Lady has delivered with this smooth, healthy BBQ Sauce. One of the great underrated ingredients, the date, gets suited up for game day with this sauce that works on everything from ribs, chicken and wings to guacamole. By cutting out the garbage you find in most supermarket bbq sauces, The Date Lady has definitely secured a deep playoff run in the BBQ sauce of the year championships. 

Butternut Squash And Chorizo Tacos With Grated Dark Chocolate

Chorizo Snack Sticks // Aurelias // Austin, TX

This Chorizo x Snack Stick mashup is the collaboration we didn’t know we needed. Add big flavor to the middle of your afternoon hike or workout routine or use it as you would Chorizo in tacos, nachos or clams.  We submit that any dish that begins with sautéed Aurelia’s chorizo will have the rest of the fans on gameday asking about the recipe. Aurelia’s owner Leslie has years of experience and it shows in our favorite Chorizo in the US of A.


Matcha Ice Cream With Spicy Candied Togarashi Peanuts And Antidote Chocolate

Banana + Cayenne 77% Dark Chocolate // Antidote Chocolate // Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Dark Chocolate (especially the special stuff like Antidote makes) is always a welcome addition to add complexity and depth of flavor to chili, sauces or in this case, grated over squash tacos. Use Antidote in dessert but this brilliant blend of banana and chili also works perfectly eaten right out of the wrapper: Antidote is one of the most inventive and skilled chocolate makers in the country and worth it whether you need a midnight snack or to add something extra to a dish.


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