The humbler the fare, the more devoted its fans. Haute cuisine may win the critics’ stars, but one tasting menu often bleeds into the next, as fleeting and forgetful as molecular foam. We doubt any reviewers came to blows over an amuse bouche. Take a friend for tacos, though, and only one will do. Which one? Brace yourselves, luchadores — taco night is a battlefield. From truck, stand, or countertop, everyone has a favorite, and everyone has a reason. It’s the proper tortilla — abuela’s secret recipe! The spiciest salsa — smuggled straight from Oaxaca! The slowest-roasted al pastor — hours on the spit! A taco is a puzzle, and every piece counts. But perfection, to us, lies not in a single ingredient, but in the gestalt, the savory-spicy-saucy-slapped-together whole. And that’s what we offer in this month’s crate: not a single taco — we wouldn’t dare make such a claim — but a curated kit of the best bits with which to fix your own. Because when we pass by the Michelin-ed bistros and artisanal farm-to-tables, seeking out the divine, parking-lot glow of the taco stand, there’s one thing we all can agree on: all arguments end when we’re too busy eating.

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BBQ Salmon Tacos Recipe

Hot-Hot Honey // Red Clay Hot Sauce // Charleston, SC

Take a road trip down the historic highways of the South and you’ll dive into buttery grits and shrimp, juicy chicken and waffles and barbecue that may just change your life. Well, Red Clay Hot Honey tastes good on all that stuff and pretty much anything you drizzle it on. The secret? Sweet heat. A partnership that upgrades everything from a mundane slice of cheese on a cracker to a ball of vanilla ice cream. 

From The Maker:

Our Hot-Hot Honey is a ramped up version of our best-selling Hot Honey. We infuse our 100% pure and raw Georgia-raised honey with our habanero, which results in a delicious honey with heat that hits the back of your throat. You can thank us later.

5 Fast Uses

  1. Breakfast Biscuit
  2. Granola
  3. Roasted Carrots
  4. Ice Cream
  5. Fried Chicken

Hot Honey Recipes:

Warm Salad of Roasted Squash, Prosciutto and Hot Honey

Hot Honey Glazed Salmon

Sriracha Margarita Recipe

Sriracha Margarita Mix // Cocktail Crate // Long Island City, NY

We know you want to roll up your sleeves and flash those vinyasa-toned forearms, shaking up cocktails for your ogling guests — but they don’t want to watch; they want to drink, and you should be shmoozing, not sweating it out behind the bar. So do what the trendiest mixology meccas do and plan ahead with DIY drinks. Cocktail Crate's mixer is perfect. It has everything but the booze: a fiery blend of sriracha and aromatics, sultry sweet with spice. Mix one part tequila to one part Cocktail Crate, fill a swing-top bottle, set the bar with an ice bucket, margarita salt and a bowl of sliced limes, and save the shaking for the dance floor. Need a summer soother? We even use it as a marinade for fish tacos.

From The Maker:

We’re obsessed with tequila and mezcal at Cocktail Crate, and that means we take our margaritas pretty seriously. That’s why we decided to make Sriracha Margarita from only fresh squeezed lime juice, organic agave nectar, and our favorite small batch Sriracha. Simple, great ingredients make for great Margaritas. And great Margaritas make for fun and memorable evenings with family and friends. Salud!

Baja "Street Taco" Jerky // Baja Jerky // Buena Park, CA

Forget standard gas station jerky and take a trip down the Baja with this stunning mix of street taco flavors. The team at Baja Jerky start off with the key players like lime juice and garlic then kick it up with a touch of annatto, tamarind and chipotle. The result? The closest jerky can come to transporting you to a roadside taco truck down the coast. No nitrates, gluten, preservatives, or MSG, just healthy protein and an open road to a flavortown down south.  

From The Maker:

Have you ever wondered why tacos from hole-in-the-wall shops always taste so much better than tacos from 4-star restaurants? We’ll let you in on the secret – it’s because they’re 100% authentic. The heroes running small shops like that aren’t worried about the frills of the culinary world… rather, their #1 priority if serving up a taco platter that keeps you coming back for more.

Our Street Taco flavor taps into that authenticity with ingredients like cilantro, white onion, chipotle, chili and oregano to bring you a flavor of jerky you couldn’t have even dreamed of. This delicious new flavor tastes like it’s been passed down from generation to generation through family recipes, but it’s got the flare of a modern snack. We’ve, of course, put our Baja Jerky touch on it to make sure it fits our flavor fam perfectly!

Pork Street Tacos With Hot Honey Recipes

Baja "Street Taco" Seasoning // Baja Jerky// Buena Park, CA

When it comes to street tacos, the spice blend is the make or break between bland and bangin'.  Baja has mixed up a universal seasoning that works on everything from shrimp to pork but can also be doused on Mexican street corn or fresh grilled veggies.  Pick a protein, toss it in this seasoning, hit it with some chopped cilantro and onion, wrap it in a tortilla and you'll feel like you're standing outside a taco truck on hot parking lot pavement in no time.

Elevate any dish with our unique blend of Baja inspired spices and the peppery sweet flavor of annatto.

Upgrade your family’s Taco Tuesday with authentic flavors of Baja! Not your ordinary taco seasoning – we’ve exquisitely crafted this blend of pure source-verified ingredients including annatto seed, garlic, onion, chile peppers (Ancho Chile, Chipotle, and Smoked Paprika), and NO additives or thickeners!

5 Fast Uses

  1. Mexican Street Corn
  2. Sweet Potato Fries 
  3. Baja Fish Tacos
  4. Street Taco Spiced Burgers
  5. Homemade Breakfast Burritos 

Margarita Salt Blistered Shishito Peppers

Spicy Margarita Salt // Red Clay Hot Sauce // Charleston, SC

The Spicy Margarita is a thing of beauty but the rim is often overlooked.  That's why hot sauce masters Red Clay stepped in to craft this citrusy, spicy salt that takes any marg to the moon. But don't stop there.  Try it dusted on fish tacos or grilled veggies or even sprinkled over chocolate ice cream.  

This top-shelf spicy margarita salt will take your margarita to the next level. The perfect balance of citrus, spice, and sweetness for delicious, handcrafted cocktails. Made with the highest quality kosher salt and raw turbinado sugar, it's perfect for more than just margaritas—Chef loves sprinkling it over grilled chicken, fish tacos, and in homemade guacamole

Maple Bacon Caramel Corn // Two Haute Cowgirls // Sterling, CO 

We like caramel corn and we like bacon so naturally we'll have what these two cowgirls are bringing to the table.  Whether you are chasing beers at the local saloon or sipping a spicy margarita, this sweet treat pairs perfectly with any beverage. If you dig this bag, saddle up because they also offer a tasty Sriracha and Chocolate Sea Salt flavor.  

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