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Chruk Cambodian American Hot Sauce // Yeak // Studio City, CA

This sauce is proof that you can take a dish to the next level in a few drops of the right stuff. Chruk in Cambodian means to pickle. And this family recipe showcases the heat of a habanero that is mellowed out by pickling it in sweet brine. Drop a little on a banh mi sandwich and over stir fried noodles or wake up your breakfast by adding a touch to fried eggs. The beauty of Yeak's sauce is that just a tad helps flavors pop with thanks to the acidic blast of vinegar (this is why lemon juice makes things taste better). Look no further than this crunchy beef salad littered with fresh herbs. 

5 Fast Uses

1. Douse Chruk on Carne Asada Tacos.

2. Chruk over roasted pork or meats.

3. Chruk on fresh boiled seafood like crawfish, shrimp or clam.

4. A drop or two of Chruk to spice up a broth or soup.

5. Add Chruk to a sandwich (the vinegar heat is like next level spicy pickled peppers).


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From The Maker:

Chruk is a recipe our family wanted to share with the world. It's simple. Make a sweet brine. Find the hottest pepper you can get your hands on. Pickle it. Wait. Wait some more. Finally, eat it with anything you want. Chruk isn't the spiciest thing in the world, but it's spicy enough to do some damage. Created with pain and flavor in mind, the sweetness calms the spice down, so it's bareable. 

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