Sometimes winter sucks, sometimes life sucks but a tasty nourishing plate of food can fix many things.  From craving crushing ice cream sandwiches to cheesy chorizo pasta, here are five ways to beat a funk with food.  Happy recipes from the Mantry archive...what are your go-to feel good dishes?

1. Stroopwafel & Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich

Give the everyday Ice Cream Sandwich a European upgrade with chewy stroopwafels instead of cookies and a squeeze of indulgence French sea salt caramel. Dessert of the week is just 2 minutes away...

2. Bourbon Smoked Chorizo Cacio E Pepe

A chorizo laden riff on the classic Italian dish.  Crispy chorizo is added along with citrusy bourbon smoked pepper instead of regular pepper to make this an instant comfort food classic.

3. Pineapple Bacon Glazed Chicken Wings

Pineapple sweet meets bacon heat with these sticky, finger lickin' flavor bombs.  Make up a batch for the big game or an island inspired backyard cookout.  Make sure to wash it down with a Frozen Pineapple Dark n' Stormy

4. Satay Hot Dogs

All the peanut goodness and spice of street food style chicken satay get the hot dog treatment to create this crowd-pleasing flavor bomb. 

5. Shawarma Tacos

Spicy peanut butter hummus lays the foundation for these healthy, protein spiked steak tacos that get a big flavor hit from Villa Jerada's delicious spice mix.  The Shawarma meets the taco, a match made in mealtime heaven.


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