Father's Day Food Gifts For Every Type Of Dad


Father's Day is coming up fast and you might be scrambling for a great gift. Celebrate your husband, dad, grandpa or another special guy in your life with these food gifts from some of the best makers in America.

For The Pizza Loving Dad...

Mike’s Hot Honey // Mike’s Hot Honey // New York, NY

If some tailgate traditions must remain unchanged — and when pressed, we’d preserve the stack of steaming delivery pies on the coffee table — at least give them a twist; as in sports, even dynasties evolve. And so, (once you towel off a bit of the grease), skip the tabasco, toss out the stale oregano flakes and tooth-sticking red pepper shrapnel, and drizzle that floppy New-York-style slice with this. You’ve had honey on your brie, and this is a similar idea — sweet and savory — but think of it as the R-rated director’s cut, with an extra spicy, herbaceous, kick.

For The Keto Dad...

Barbecued Umami Corn Recipe Here

Pork Panko // Bacon’s Heir // Atlanta, GA

Panko — the flaky, crunchy, Japanese breadcrumbs — are what make tempura and katsu pork shatteringly crisp. Pork Panko has eliminated the bread and gluten and subbed in nature’s great giver of flavor, ground pork rinds. The big surprise? These actually improve on the original. 

For The Jerky Loving Dad...

Spiced Mango With Jerky & Habanero Recipe Here

Premium Beef Jerky // Top Chops // Lebanon, GA

Jerky was born of necessity — spoil-proof sustenance for long, backcountry rambles. And most these days still tastes that way. A chewy chore, not a choice: old cows, sunbaked into last-resort protein fuel. But can jerky be a treat? When it’s done right: USDA choice beef, fresh and tender as a quality steak, popping with pepper, tangy and tender and, dare we say, even refreshing. Fresh from the saddlebag or, as we like it, skewered with a few chunks of pineapple and chared quickly on the grill.

Jerky & Pineapple Skewers Recipe Here 

For The Whiskey Loving Dad...

Old Fashioned Hot Toddy

Bourbon "Old Fashioned" Hot Toddy Recipe Here

Classic Old Fashioned Syrup // Cocktail Crate // Long Island City, NY

We know you want to roll up your sleeves and flash those vinyasa-toned forearms, shaking up cocktails for your ogling guests — but they don’t want to watch; they want to drink, and you should be shmoozing, not sweating it out behind the bar. So do what the trendiest mixology meccas do and plan ahead with DIY drinks. Cocktail Crate's mixer is perfect. It has everything but the booze: a classic blend of orange and aromatic bitters, sultry sweet with brown turbinado sugar. Mix four parts whiskey to one part Cocktail Crate, fill a couple of swing-top bottles, set the bar with an ice bucket and bowl of orange twists, and save the shaking for the dance floor. Need a winter warmer? Turn up the heat with our simple, satisfying version of the Old Fashioned Hot Toddy or go full Breakfast comfort blast with Old Fashioned Whiskey French Toast. 


  1. Rum Old Fashioned

  2. Long Island City

  3. Spiced Whiskey Sour

For The Chocolate Loving Dad...

Bean-To-Bar Dark Chocolate // Antidote Chocolate // Greenpoint, NY

For The Bloody Mary Loving Dad...

Game Day Bloody Mary Recipe Here

Let us add to the list of non-salads in Errol Morris’s epic game-day beer ad, the Bloody Mary. Morris liked his mayo, we prefer our veggies spiced and boozy. And so do Pacific Pickle Works. They’re smart: They know you can easily — and cheaply — get your own tomato juice at the corner store, so their mixer gets right to the good stuff. Spicy, salty, briny, and all made from scratch, right down to the homemade Worcestershire mixed in. They’re smart so you don’t have to be. Just add booze, juice, and toppings of your choice. We prefer, well, all of them, including a healthy slab of sausage. Otherwise, no salad.

For The Coffee Loving Dad...

The only thing better than coffee is iced coffee — and the only thing better than iced coffee is New-Orleans-style cold brew, perfected, as only Brooklyn coffee snobs can do, by the folks at Grady’s. Steep this spicy-smooth mix of chicory and dark-roasted beans overnight and pour over ice the morning after, or better yet, mix in a few ounces of bourbon, some heavy cream, and a bit of sugar — bourbon-smoked, naturally — and freeze into grown-up creamsicles. 

Franklin BBQ // Espresso BBQ Sauce // Austin, TX

The BBQ debate will continue to rage on but no one these days is denying Aaron Franklin has some of the best. What started in an East Austin parking lot out of a travel trailer has morphed into a brisket slingin’ shrine boasting a 3 hour lineup and serious accolades, Bon Appétit Magazine recently named Franklin’s the best cue’ joint in the country. Here’s your chance to skip the line and douse a lil’ Franklins on your next batch of ribs (recipe: mantry.com), but we recommend you stop by next time your roll through the Republic.

For The Food Loving Dad...

Mantry // New York, NY

Each Mantry includes 6 full size artisan food products delivered to their door. Packed in a Handmade Wooden Crate and custom Manual detailing product stories and recipes.

#Mantry from The Mantry

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