“May you always be surrounded by good friends and great barbecue.”

Fire and fuel: a barbecue without booze is like a… well, in our world, such heresy shouldn’t exist, even as metaphor. When the grill glows, the chef should too — tamer of fire, lit with manly pride, and a slug or two of liquid courage. So unpack the crate, fire the grill, and grab a glass. First round’s on us; first burger’s for the chef.

Wright Rub // Wright BBQ Company // Clanton, Alabama

Alabama knows BBQ, from the legendary White Sauce at Big Bob Gibson’s to the Hickory Smoked Ribs at Archibald’s Bar-B-Q in Tuscaloosa. What’s the rub? Well you’ll often never find out but we know that the Wright Rub will give you the right result. Slap it on everything from Boiled Peanuts to Pork Butt and you’ll get the taste of Barbecue expertise. Hailing from the peach capital of Clanton Bama the Wright BBBQ Company also bottles a Peach Chipotle BBQ Sauce that will elevate your grill game. 

More Wright Rub Recipes

Uncle Murle's Pulled Pork with Torchbearer Oh My Garlic Slaw

Original BBQ Sauce // Uncle Murle’s BBQ // Memphis, TN

Maybe your uncle gave you your first beer or let you drive his car or stay up all night. The Uncle is typically to bender of rules but when it come to ol’ Murle, he was a BBQ legend. 

A pic of THE Uncle Murle….

From the maker of Uncle Murle’s 

“My daddy once told me that he knew he’d made the rite of passage to manhood when his momma let him stay up all night with his Uncle Murle and the other men folk to cook the pigs when it was barbecue time. I grew up on Murle’s sauce; I was almost in high school before I found out you can actually buy barbecue sauce in the store!”

This sauce is Tennessee crafted since ’97 and won some serious awards, include a 2018 Scovie (think the Oscars for sauce). We love it on ribs, pulled pork and grilled corn

Traditional Pork Jerky // Cousins Smokehouse // Broussard, LA

Cousins lays claim to one of our favorite maker slogans ever “Easy to Chew, Tough to Quit!” and hails from maybe the best place to eat in America aka. Louisiana. From crawfish to boudin, cajun country cranks out perfectly seasoned meals and it’s no surprise this Pork Jerky is on point. Slow smoked with just enough spice, wash it down with an Albita and whisper a “Who Dat” under your breath.


Hatch Red Chile Mac & Cheese // FishSki Provisions // Boulder, CO

The college sweethearts behind FishSki shared everything: Rocky Mountain pride, love of the outdoors, and good campfire food — especially a bowl of aprés-ski mac and cheese, with extra hot pepper sauce. One problem: green or red? Lest the classic Colorado conundrum douse these lovers’ flames, they turned the question into a business. Now everyone’s happy, especially ravenous campers tired of scraping the bottom of the backpack for broken bricks of ramen and gritty neon orange m-and-c from a box. No matter the color, easy campsite cooking just got even easier. Boiling water — and a big-ass bowl — is all you need.

Hatch Red Chile Mac & Cheese Recipe Here

Looking to take your Mac experience one notch higher? Try FishSki’s CBD Mac

Oh My Garlic // Torchbearer Sauces // Mechanicsburg, PA

Torchbearer has been turning out award winning sauces with creative names like Zombie Apocalypse and Psycho Curry but we wanted to showcase their #1 Seller of Oh My Garlic. Don’t sleep on making their Lazy Man’s Hummus recipe using Oh My Garlic and a can of chick peas or trying it as a dip for French Fries. Our fav? We steal a little inspiration from the classic Alabama White Sauce preparation of dunking Grilled Chicken in Sauce.

We love this Grilled Chicken Recipe tossed in Oh My Garlic Sauce inspired by Big Bob Gibson's Alabama White Sauce.

From the Maker:

Oh My Garlic ™! Sauce is our BEST SELLER. First released in September 2011, we haven’t been able to stop making it since. It will be the most delicious garlic flavor your tastebuds have had the pleasure to try. It is a creamy Garlic Aioli, and don’t let the creamy taste fool you, it IS dairy free. A blend of fresh garlic, oil, vinegar and lime, it works well on EVERYTHING you eat. Oh My Garlic ™ will replace mayo and garlic in all your recipes once you experiment with this sauce. The intense garlic flavor is perfect on steaks, salads, subs, pizza, pasta sauce, wings, or just dip french frieds in it. The only limits are set by your imagination.

Don’t forget to try it with our Lazy Man’s Hummus recipe. All you need is Oh My Garlic ™ and a can of chick peas!

Above: The Alabama White Sauce Dunk!

Photo: It’s A Southern Thing


Grilled BBQ Corn With Crumbled Cracklins Recipe Here

Green Chili Lime Cracklins // 4505 Meats // San Francisco, CA

From the Maker: 

“Our cracklins are made from the pig’s shoulder skin resulting in a crunchier and denser pork rind. We leave the fat attached before frying so each bite is a play of crispy and fatty textures. Crunchy, dense, and frosted with luscious porky fat, these are pork rinds for the true pork rind lover; the richer, porkier pork rind.”

More 4505 Recipes Here

Pulled Pork, Mac and Cheese and Crackling Sandwich Recipe Here



And don't forget to Do the BBQ Dance! 






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