Slap it on a hot dog, toss wings in it, upgrade a sandwich to new levels, mustard is an all-time flavor enhancer.  From the mountains of North Carolina to coastal Cali, Mantry scoured the USA to uncover 6 of the best mustard masters.

Truffle Mustard Potato Salad

Truffle Mustard Potato Salad Recipe Here

Black Truffle Mustard // Mustard And Co. // Seattle, WA

Seattle’s first and only artisan mustardmakers — mustardmongers? — started simple, with a coffee grinder, some spices, and a dream. Founder Justin Hoffman wanted something a little classier than the distilled vinegar base of most mustards. His tux to their t-shirt? Rich balsamic. And thus a plain, white-bread spread turned fancy food. The coffee grinder is bigger now, and the flavors are varied (think honey curry, garlic dill). But the blackest of the black tie has to be this, their black truffle-infused mustard. Alone, a perfect spread. With a bit of lemon juice or good cider vinegar (anything but white) an epic potato salad vinaigrette.

Lusty Monk Mustard

Lusty Monk Mustard // Asheville, NC

Good mustard things are happening in the mountains of Asheville where Lusty Monk is churning out “No-nonsense, full-on, front-of-the-line, off-the-chart, step-aside mustard".  From a cheese plate, to deviled eggs to bringing big taste to a bratwurst this mustard slaps.  Do not overlook the "Burn in Hell" Chipotle Mustard. 

La Quercia Borsellino Potato Salad With Wilder Mustard Vinaigrette Recipe Here

Sweet & Hot Mustard // Wilder Condiments // Santa Cruz, CA

You’re half a world away from Germany, but this mustard could grace any Octoberfest table in Bavaria. Isabel, the owner of Wilder has done something unique, blended an expert eye for ascetic (how about that label design) with a perfect palate for leveraging local ingredients and making literally one of the best mustards we have ever tasted (also the best beer koozie we’ve seen). This mustard will take everything from your sandwich to your salad dressing from average to outstanding or dunk a pretzel in this sweet and spicy mix, just be careful not to stain your lederhosen.


La Quercia Borsellino Potato Salad With Wilder Mustard Vinaigrette

Don’t be afraid to dunk….

Wilder is a seller of great mustard and beer koozies…

Wilder Mustard

Tin Mustard // Brooklyn, NY

Gorging our guts on fats and salts, we often need a wake-up call, even before the food coma hits — a repentant slap, a reminder that good things come with a cost. That’s why God invented heartburn. But that’s also why man invented mustard, that spicy, vinegary spark that brightens burgers and heightens tastebuds. Instead of that neon squirt or beige smear, this time try a jolt with some maturity.  Tin makes world-class mustard in Brooklyn along with a killer Mustard dry spice that makes some of the most delicious wings we've ever tasted. 

Mustard Spiced Wings with Smoked Honey Recipe Here


Sir Kensington's Spicy Brown Mustard // New York, NY

Squeeze onto a hot dog or whisk into a spicy vinaigrette, Sir Kensington offers versatile flavors like dijon, honey mustard and a finely upgraded version of straight neon ballpark yellow. 

From the Maker: 

"In some circles, mustard is considered the highest form of self-expression. Sir Kensington’s range from creamy to rustic stone ground, from a maple-sweetened heat to notes of mellower Chablis—perfect for enlightening pretzels, sandwiches, and any meat they meet."

A. Bauer's Mustard /// Hempstead, N.Y.

Would you buy mustard from this champion? 


Well, the story speaks for itself:

In 1888, my great, great, grandfather August Bauer created unique recipes for Pure Prepared Mustard and Mustard with Horseradish in a shop on Metropolitan Avenue in Queens, N.Y.

August Bauer's sons, Fred Sr. and Rudy, delivered the spicy brown condiments to neighborhood delis throughout the Great Depression.  Popularity soared in 1931 when A. Bauer's Mustard earned the gold medal at the International Fancy Food Exposition in Paris.  

120+ years and counting...

Horseradish Mustard by A. Bauer's Mustard in Queens, New York ...

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