Few things are more comforting then a big ol' bowl of warm noodles whether it's the depths of winter or a balmy summer day. From brothy, curry coconut noodles to garlicky mushroom pasta, here are some of our most popular noodle recipes as voted by the Mantry Community! 

Coconut Curry Noodle Bowl With Pork

Easy, brothy, fragrant noodles to take you to the other side of the world in 15 minutes flat.  Coconut milk and curry paste combine for a rich gravy and a handful of fresh herbs brighten things up for this simple weeknight dinner. 

Garlic & Mushroom Pappardelle

This delicious, comforting pasta dish is made with an awesome product from one of our favorite USA makers, Community Grains. The hearty whole-grain noodles stand up to the robust garlic and mushroom flavor bomb!

Japanese Barbecue Steak & Udon Salad

This simple, refreshing bowl of chilled Udon with hot, juicy steak is the perfect weeknight dinner thanks to our new obsession, Bachan's Japanese Barbecue Sauce. 

Cavatelli With Tomato ‘Nduja & Pecorino

Sfoglini pasta shop out of Brooklyn produces the perfect noodle to stand up to City Saucery's perfect sauce.  Lots of grated pecorino and olive oil make this an effortless, soul-soothing meal.

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