Comfort food is comforting food. It’s the dishes that make a dreary day or a rainy night a bit better. It’s also another way of saying delicious, flavor-forward cooking.  We curated this month’s crate to deliver a little comfort from some of America’s best food makers. So get comfortable, pour yourself a tasty beverage and happy cooking.

Fig Syrup Caramelized Onion Burger With Goat Cheese

Caramelized Fig Cocktail Syrup // Liber & Co. // Austin, TX

We’ve discover a secret we are about to share with you (shhh). Cocktail syrups are not just for cocktails…

Turns about a “cocktail syrup” when made by master craftsmen like the Liber & Co. team can be used in vinaigrettes, sauces, glazes and desserts. To prove the point we experimented for a day in the test kitchen and discovered this Fig syrup produced jammy, figgy caramelized onions perfect for any burger and that you can glaze apples in fig and bourbon for a cocktail-inspired pancake topping. Of course, the stuff is lights out in actual cocktails and the Liber & Co. team has awesome cocktail recipes waiting. Fig Manhattan anyone? The syrup is just the beginning, scope the Austin-based maker's roster of more cocktail (and cooking) syrups.

 Caramelized Fig Old Fashioned

From The Maker:

Made from a unique blend of California Black Mission and Calimyrna varieties, this Caramelized Fig Syrup is redolent of sugared dark fruit and subtle spice. Expect a deep, concentrated fig flavor that naturally complements barrel aged spirits like whiskey and rum.


Bay Of Figs

Fig Manhattan

Fig Old Fashioned

More Recipes...


Pumpkin Spice Pancakes With Fig Caramelized Bacon, Apples & Dulce de Leche Chocolate

Dulce De Leche Chocolate Bar // Vosges // Chicago, IL

Year after year, Vosges make some of the most innovative, delicious and downright fun bars in the country. From Bacon, to cheddar to this delectable Dulce De Leche.  If you can hold off downing it in one sitting, try a couple of ounces cracked over Pumpkin Spiced Pancakes for the ultimate Fall comfort moment.


Pumpkin Spice Pancakes With Fig Syrup Apples, Caramelized Bacon and Crumbled Dulce De Leche Chocolate

From The Maker:

The “sweet” milk aroma of our whole milk dulce de leche is juxtaposed aside our deep milk chocolate, and sprinkled with Celtic sea salt.

Rosemary Garlic Premium Beef Jerky // Savage Jerky Co. // Buford, GA

This jerky gets impressively close to just tasting like a good steak.  Tender, with a hit of rosemary and garlic. That is why we recommend thinking beyond the bag and trying it shredded over a baked potato or tucked into a grilled cheese.  Another underrated way to use jerky? Crisp it up in a pan with olive oil and sprinkle it over pasta.  Be sure to use the leftover umami-rich cooking oil as a finishing oil over roast veg, meats or fried rice.


Truffle Mac & Cheese With Crispy Jerky

From The Maker:

We blend rosemary and fresh garlic with a zest of lemon for an experience to rival a steakhouse! 

Savage Spice Rub // Savage Jerky Co. // Buford, GA

It’s no surprise that a maker renowned for expertly spiced jerky also makes a mouthwatering spice rub. Savage makes a multi-functional, all-purpose rub to be dusted on anything heading for a hot grill, oven or pan.  Sneak it into a burger patty, or coat roast chicken in it or try it on grilled fish and vegetables.  It’s easy to use and wakes up weeknight dinners in a flash.

Everything But The Dumpling Hot Sauce // Seed Ranch Flavor Co. // Boulder, CO

Many hot sauces are one-dimensional aka. spice and not much else. Seed Ranch understands the dimensions of flavor and this sauce delivers a versatile blast of umami, heat and punch from ginger.  Our go-to move is to dress up cold noods for a quick dinner that curves cravings.  Seed Ranch is one of the best sauce makers in the country, we recommend anything from their line-up of spicy goodness.

Cold Ramen Noodle Salad With Peanuts, Chili & Lime

From The Maker:

Nice and mild, everything tastes better dipped or doused in this sauce. Fresh ginger, a hint of wasabi, and mouth-watering sesame make the perfect combo to pour your favorite sushi & dumpling flavors anywhere!

NOT JUST FOR DIPPING: Use this sauce to marinade proteins, with noodles, as salad dressing, or make any rice-based dish more flavorful

5 Fast Uses

  1. Avocado Toast
  2. Douse Into Pasta Sauce
  3. Spike Some Chicken Broth & Noodles
  4. Scrambled Eggs
  5. Over Grilled Veggies 

Truffle Mac With Crispy Jerky

Truffle Mac & Cheese // GrownAs* Foods // Boulder, CO

Mac & Cheese is a staple that was overdue for a nutritious (and flavorful) upgrade. Enter GrownAs* Foods, with this truffle-infused mac packing 25g of protein.   This is a new company that has already mastered the craft so to speak. Enjoy straight up, or dress it up with crispy jerky, fresh herbs or buttery sautéed Brussels sprouts. But honestly, it’s comforting and delicious straight out of the box. 

From The Maker:

Cheesy, creamy, packed with truffle flavor, and ready to make your tastebuds sing. Have your decadent and delicious moment, all you’ll need is ten minutes, some plant-based milk and butter, and a big appetite.
This is the tastiest truffle vegan mac & cheese out there.


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