The great call of the burger, any way you cook it, top it or serve it, it's an irresistible summer crowdpleaser.  From bacon jam to Grandma's secret sauce, we've rounded up six products from America's best makers that can elevate your burger game or any backyard bbq.

Bacon Jam Smashburger Recipe

Maple Bourbon Bacon Jam // TBJ Gourmet // West Chester, PA

Leave it to this Philly-based team of food scientists, chefs, and engineers to crack one of life’s eternal quests: spreadable bacon. OK, we admit, this is one of those food “inventions” that, well, gilds the lily. Or rather, butters the pork. A fatty strip of crispy pig is pretty damn close to perfection. Still, this spread moves it one step closer. It’s simple: bacon — a half pound in each jar — sugar, onions and vinegar. And it’s best used simply, spread on a burger or the morning’s toast.

5 Fast Uses

1. Burger (in patty or topping)
2. Hot Dog
3. Mix into soups and stews. 
4. Pasta sauce.
5. Avocado toast.

Here's the rub...

Bacon Salt // TBJ Gourmet // West Chester, PA 

Finally, a bacon salt worth its, well, salt. The gourmet gurus over at TBJ Gourmet have offered up this multi-dimensional seasoning that can baconize an arsenal of dishes. From grilled corn, to bacon salt dusted croutons to a sprinkling on grilled meats or even chocolate ice cream don't hesitate to experiment. Anytime you reach for regular salt, ask the oh-so-important question...should I use bacon salt? To which the answer will certainly be yes. 

5 Fast Uses

1. Sprinkle on Corn
2. Grilled Meats
3. Over Popcorn
4. Chocolate ice Cream
5. Sweet Potato Fries

A special combo... 

LB's Dijon // HLTHPUNK // Los Angeles, CA

If you’ve been subscribed to Mantry, you know we’re all about easy, dish-transforming products that can elevate a meal in a squeeze. Enter, Hlthpunk’s Dijon, hot mustard a splash of vinegar and an easy squeeze tube so you can dispense it on anything from burgers, to salad dressings to chicken wings. This top-secret blend has everything you need to take any sandwich, sub or wrap beyond the stratosphere.  

Bacon Jam Smashburger Recipe

5 Fast Uses

1. Slather on hot dogs, subs, BLT's or anything you would use mustard for. 
2. Smother on pork tenderloin or any meat before grilling.
3. Make a quick dressing with 1 tablespoon LB's Dijon + 3 tablespoons acid (lemon, lime, vinegar ect.) and 1/2 cup oil (olive oil, avocado, canola ect.)
4. Mix with honey for a quick honey mustard dip.
5. Mix 1/2 LB's Dijon and 1/2 mayo or yogurt to make an easy dip for baked sweet potato fries, veggies, fish, meat ect. (or just dip in the sauce straight up).

Yuzu Pork Jerky Burger Recipe

Japanese Barbecue Sauce // Bachan’s // Sebastopol, CA

Easily one of the best sauces we've tasted, Bachan's brings their newest flavor, yuzu. This fragrant, citrusy fruit infused Japanese Barbecue Sauce transforms everything from stir-frys to chicken wings to tacos in a squeeze.  A little help from a grandma is never a bad thing. Of course, if you marinate a burger patty in this stuff people will be asking for the secret recipe. 

From The Maker:

For as long as I can remember, my Bachan-you might say Granny-would cook up the most amazing meals with our umami-filled, teriyaki-ish sauce! My family and I are honored to bring you Bachan's Yuzu Japanese Barbecue Sauce, created by my generation. The Yuzu fruit's flavor is tart, fragrant, and incredibly bright. We could not be more excited about this addition to our family of sauces.

To stay true to the original recipe, we cold-fill our sauce-which eliminates any need for preservatives, additives, or flavorings. Our crave-worthy flavor comes naturally from delicious, simple ingredients. Let's eat! ltadakimasu

5 Fast Uses

1. Bachan's Meatballs
2. Dip For Dumplins
3. Stir-Fry
4. Candied Bacon
5. Grilled Salmon Burger


Yuzu Coconut Shrimp

Yuzu Salmon Tacos

Yuzu Pineapple Teriyaki Bowls

Air Fryer Yuzu Chicken Taquitos

Jerky is a moveable feast: have meat, will travel. Field Trip is made for carnivores on the go. Started by three ski bums looking for a healthier, heartier fuel pre-, post- (and during) long days on the slopes, where mountain lodge sustenance is scarce, and usually covered in nacho cheese. Grass-fed beef and no MSG or preservatives make this a perfect way to sate your cravings anywhere you go. This bag transports you to a Seoul Barbecue, some Korean chili paste known as Gochujang adds the big flavor that makes this one of our all-time favorite jerky mashups.  Want to think outside the bag? Try tucking some into this crunchy, zippy slaw and wash it down with a couple ice cold beers after your next field trip. 

New to the snack hall-of-fame...

Organic Barbequed Walnuts & Almonds // Cliff Family Foods // St. Helena, CA

Possibly the best bar nut we've come across in a long time, whether it's a glass of wine or a cold beer these walnuts and almonds are delicious and addictive.  We love to toss them in a side salad or slip them into a crunchy mayo to add a little secret bite to a burger. 

From The Maker:

A California riff on a southern classic. Toasted organic walnuts and almonds are coated with a barbeque spice rub to highlight your favorite summertime flavors.

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