Simmer sauces are the ultimate kitchen life hack, just unscrew, unload and add your favorite meat, fish, legumes or veggies. After a couple of minutes of bubbling away, people are going to think you've been sweating over the stove for hours (that's because these talented makers did so you don't have to). Here are six simmer sauces (in no particular order) that we are not going to simmer down about.

Masala Mama

Make easy, healthy, and delicious Indian food in minutes with Masala Mama's lineup of all-natural sauces. From Coconut Curry to Korma this Mama (her real name is Nidhi) has dump and pour sauces that will deliver home cooking in a heartbeat. 


Calcutta Kitchens

Aditi Goswani packs 20+ years of travel and tutelage into her small batched sauces. Short of jumping a flight to the bustling back alley’s of West Bengal she wings you on crafting Calcutta in your own kitchen. There’s no shame emptying the contents of a jar especially when few people have a chance in hell of replicating the delicate, aromatic nuances of these sauces. We recommend firing chicken into the Tikka and prawns to the Coconut Coriander Simmer Sauce, just don’t forget to nab some naan bread to sop up the leftovers.

Where to start? Try this easy Tikka Makhani Chicken Recipe...

Maya Kaimal

If everything’s better with butter, it’s best with this creamy, aromatic all-purpose sauce from the queen of subcontinent fare, Maya Kaimal, scribe of two authorial texts on Indian cooking. Go traditional and ladle some over simmering chicken and veggies; or, for the street-side touch, slap it on oven-warmed naan, roll up some basmati and leftovers, and make the meanest roti wrap this side of Delhi.

Butter Masala Naanwich Recipe

Brooklyn Delhi

An all-time Mantry favorite, Brooklyn Delhi has an arsenal of condiments from tomato achaar to Indian-inspired hot sauce but don't sleep on their simmer sauces. Dad's Savory Tomato Curry or Golden Coconut Curry or anything else they make will have your weeknight dinner upgraded with the pop of a jar.


Fiery Vindaloo? Oh ya. Magic Marsala? Yes please. Swirled with chickpeas or smeared on flat bread or simmered with paneer or caramelized meat, these sauces definitely unlock spice mode, no cheat code required.

Kitchens of Africa

Founder Jainaba Jeng is simply making some of the most exciting simmer sauces and condiments in the country.  Along with having a stunning Instagram feed that makes our mouth water her products will turn any weeknight dinner into the meal of the month.  The  Maffé Peanut Simmer Sauce is an amazing place to start.

From The Maker:

Maffé or Domoda are interchangeable names for the national dish of The Gambia (also known as the smiling coast of West Africa) – our Founders’ native land. Though peanut stew is a regional specialty in West Africa and the recipe and name will change depending on the country you are in, the Gambian version is especially esteemed.

The slightly sweet, spicy and tangy flavors of this sauce balance the rich and nutty peanut flavor. We use a generous amount of fresh ginger and garlic for extra boldness, fiery habaneros for a little heat, fresh lime juice for some tang, and a little sugar for a touch of sweetness. We then simmer, gently, in a rich peanut and tomato base, ideal for creating many unexpected and tasty flavors.

If you are new to African cuisine, this sauce is a perfect introduction. Simmer covered with spinach, black-eyed peas and okra for a vegan replica of a dish from The Gambia called Domoda Bissap. Add a dollop of Kaani sauce and savor it just like a local.


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