We travel to eat. We’re long-time believers that the sauce stains on our t-shirts tell more than any stamp in our passports. But the joy of foreign food is fleeting. These feasts are resolutely immovable. You try bringing that unlabeled bottle of fish sauce back through customs — not to mention the smells and sounds of the Bangkok night market where you first had it, hunched over some charred and nameless griddle amid the sweaty din. Life changing meals exist in and of their place, all the more profound for the pilgrimages they require. And thus the tragedy of travel. Ever hungry, we must continue seeking. So we won’t dare claim this month’s crate is a substitute, a trip in a box, but rather think of it as inspiration, a postcard from a friend, a chanced-upon guidebook, a tempting smell from that alleyway down the block. Let it lead you onward — and be sure to pack some napkins.

Jerky Rimmed Michelada (Meatchelada) Recipe Here

Salsa Fresca Jerky // Baja Jerky// Buena Park, CA

Forget standard gas station jerky and take a trip down the Baja with this stunning mix of sweet and heat. The team at Baja Jerky start off with the key players in pico de gallo using real tomatoes, onions, jalapeños and lime juice then kick it up with a touch of turmeric, tamarind and even avocado powder. The result? The closest jerky can come to transporting you to a roadside taco truck down the coast. No nitrates, gluten, preservatives, or MSG, just healthy protein and an open road to a flavortown down south.  

Shaved Beef Sandwich With Kimchi And Cucumber Recipe Here

Korea Tangy And Spicy Everything Sauce // This Little Goat // Chicago, IL

What happens when a Top Chef winning, James Beard Award decorated chef starts making globally inspired sauces? Home cooks everywhere get less-boring food in a squeeze. We are obsessed with this tangy concoction of chilies and soybean paste which works on everything from green beans and pizza, to grilled meats and stir fry. Chef Stephanie Izard bottled up years of expertise and travel into easily one of the best product lines from any maker we have seen. When in Chicago, check out her joint Girl & the Goat but in the meantime, the goat is in your corner to help wake up weeknight eats. 

From The Maker:

"When chef Stephanie Izard opened Girl & the Goat in 2010, we never imagined that a side of green beans could develop the cult following that they did.

Guests were begging for the sauce to use at home to turn up the flavor for their own veggie dishes. That’s when she decided to start bottling it. Over the years we’ve grown quite a lot from our first flavor, and we’re not looking back. We’re proud to offer a line of cooking sauces and spices that make delicious, globally inspired flavors effortless and can add a boost of flavor to your favorite dish.​ Explore where cooking can take you."

Sweet Potato Gratin

Potato Bacon Cheddar Frittata

Fast 5 Uses:

1) Whip into cream cheese for a fiery bagel schmear.

2) Warm with butter for an asian-style wing sauce.

3) Whisk with lemon juice and olive oil for a tangy salad dressing.

4) Squeeze over a quick bacon kimchi fried rice.

5) Use it as glaze/marinade for salmon or any fish.  

Spiced Shrimp Flatbreads Recipe Here

Guntur Sannam Pepper Hot Sauce // Brooklyn Delhi // Brooklyn, NY

Here at Mantry HQ, we come across A LOT of hot sauce but Brooklyn Delhi is bottling up something special. 1) We’re suckers for a cool maker collaboration and Brooklyn Delhi + Diaspora Co. is a match made in hot sauce heaven. 2) It starts where all good food originates, sourcing top notch ingredients and then treating them well (we’ll let Chitra from Brooklyn Delhi jump in here)…

From The Maker:

A unique hot sauce featuring a single origin, heirloom variety of the famed Guntur Sannam chili pepper from Andhra Pradhesh sourced by our friends at Diaspora Co. along with slow-cooked tomatoes, sweet garlic, tangy tamarind fruit and the magical Indian spice asafetida. Will add an umami kick to the foods you love.

This hot sauce is flavorful heat with a slow burn. The special Guntur Sannam peppers add a smokey, tomatoey, sweet and fruity flavor that make this sauce very special and quite addictive and the reason we don’t have to add any sugar to the recipe!

5 Fast Uses

  1. An Indian Twist on Tacos
  2. Douse On Fried Eggs 
  3. Add To Soups, Beans, Chickpeas
  4. Whisk Into A Salad Dressing
  5. Over Grilled Fish or Chicken

More Recipes:

Crispy Roasted Potatoes w/ Brooklyn Delhi Mayo

Rachel’s Brooklyn Delhi Summer Breakfast Bowl with Fried Eggs and Sourdough Toast

Desi Chilaquiles

Tara’s Hot Sauce Caramel Popcorn

Laura’s Spicy Cauliflower Bites with Guntur Sannam Hot Sauce

Hetty’s Cauliflower, Fennel, and Potato Sabzi

And More Recipes Right Here…


Rachel's Brooklyn Delhi Summer Breakfast Bowl with Fried Eggs and Sourdough Toast



Tara's Hot Sauce Caramel Popcorn

Cinnamon Churro Drinking Chocolate Recipe Here

Churro Dark Chocolate Bar // Chuao Chocolatier // Carlsbad, CA

South American chocolatiers transplanted to Southern California, these brothers marry the quality beans of their home country (Chuao is the world-class chocolate-growing region of Venezuela) to American tastes. By which we mean, creative flavors from bacon to s'mores. In this case, premium dark chocolate with cinnamon-sprinkled, crispy churro bits that remind us of the Churros con Chocolate street vendors of Mexico City and Madrid.  Oh yeah, and Chuao uses good, ethically sourced cocoa from the motherland

Patatas Bravas With Crispy Salami & Spiced Aioli Recipe Here

Saucisson Sec // Les Trois Petits Cochons // New York, NY

What started as a little slice — er, *un petite tranche* — of Paris in Greenwich Village has become a medal-draped charcuterie empire, with a factory in Wilkes-Barre and an Eiffel-sized spread of mustards, terrines, patés, and, of course, cured meats. The Three Pigs might not be *petit* anymore, but their work is just as tasty, like this air-dried sausage recipe. Turns out you don’t have to jump a flight to bask in the flavors of europe, just eat this salami straight up with baguette and cheese or try this crowd pleasing Patatas Bravas (Spanish for really freaking good hash browns). 

From The Maker:

“A savory blend of pork, salt and Espelette pepper — a specialty pepper we sourced directly from the mountains in the Basque region of France. This traditional French-style cured sausage is hearty in texture and rich in flavor.”

Trent Blodgett of Spice Tribe learning to make couscous with the Amazigh in Morocco

Trent Blodgett, Founder, Spice Tribe

Spice Tribe // San Francisco, CA

Weave through any bustling market stalls around the world and your nostrils will be bombarded by the floral scent of centuries old, freshly ground spices found in regional dishes. Wade through the spice aisle of most supermarkets stateside and you’ll find dust packets of muted spices ground last century. Enter Trent Blodgett, the leader of Spice Tribe who painstakingly sources spices from small farmers and freshly grinds them in small-batches to get your senses as close to Marrakesh or Mexico or the Middle-East as possible. Seriously, close your eyes, take a whiff and go on a micro-vacation, we won’t judge you.

Fast 5 Uses:

1) Great on sweet potatoes

2) Chicken, beef, lamb

3 Try it on popcorn

4) Use it instead of curry powder

5) Add to Tomato sauce 

More Recipes:

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