It’s as versatile as bacon people!

Mushroom Toast With Fried Borsellino Salami Recipe Here

1. Serve it with eggs like this Mushroom Toast With Fried Borsellino Salami Recipe Here.

2. Or this Smoky Borsellino Omelette Recipe Here

Smoky Borsellino Omelette Recipe Here

3. Cook up Salami and add it to pasta like this Herb Pancetta & Smoky Fusilli.

4. Add to nachos like in Aurelia’s Chorizo Nachos (Recipe Here).

Aurelia’s Chorizo Nachos Recipe Here

5. Sauté to flavor dark leafy greens like this Collard Greens with Pepperoni Recipe.

Collard Greens with Pepperoni Recipe Here

6. Use as a pizza topping like in this Smoked Pepperoni & Basil Pizza Recipe Here.

7. Fry and add to a baked potato with cheese.

8. Add to a grilled cheese like Pepperoni and Mozza Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe Here.

9. Garnish a Bloody Mary like this Game Day Bloody Mary With Saucisson Sec Recipe Here.

10. Add to Mac & Cheese like this Chorizo Mac & Cheese Recipe Here.

11. Serve it on a cheese board.

12. Crisp in a skillet to add a little meaty crunch to any dish.

13. Mix into a potato salad like this Grilled Potato & Chorizo Salad Recipe here.

Grilled Potato & Chorizo Salad Recipe here

14. Take it for a quick lunch on a hike.

15. Slice and add to a baguette with pesto and goat cheese (or your favorite cheese + spread).

16. Add it to a quick breakfast hash like this Coffee Summer Sausage Hash Recipe Here.

17. Add it to soup like this Cranberry Bean & Chorizo Soup Recipe Here.

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