Don't look now but Hot Honey is taking the country by storm as the new go-to condiment (maybe the new Sriracha). From drizzling spicy honey on grilled pineapple to smothering wings in it, Mantry has rounded up the best Hot Honey uses from the #MantryNation community.

4 Hot Honeys To Try:

Mike's Hot Honey

Spicy Shark Hot Honey

Red Clay Hot Honey

1. Mike's Hot Honey Drizzled on Grilled Pineapple - @backyard_smoke

"Grilled Mike's Hot Honey glazed pineapple slices for dessert last night".

2. Mike's Hot Honey Garlic Dijon Pork Tenderloin - @yettibbq

"1 pork tenderloin 1lb.
1/2 C @mikeshothoney
1/2 C Dijon mustard
2 Tbsp Soy sauce
1 Tbsp Minced Garlic
Leaves of 2 fresh rosemary sprigs minced
1/2 tsp dry thyme
Salt and pepper to taste.
Mix everything together in a bowl. Trim tenderloin and put in ziplock, pour half of the marinade over the pork. Reserve half the marinade.
Let the pork marinade 30 mins -24 hours depending on your time table. Cook your preferred way. I cooked these over charcoal on my @saltcitydrumsmokers turning every two minutes until internal temp hit 140."

3. Drizzle Mikes Hot Honey on Poor Man's Burnt Ends - @thekitchenwhitelaw


"No brisket? No problem. Sub in a chuck roast, save a boat load of time, and keep those amazing burnt end flavors!

My friends over at @mantry recently hooked me up with some @mikeshothoney, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to crack it open.

Chuck roast seasoned with @reloadrub Magnum and smoked on the @campchef till it hit the stall, 165° internal. Wrapped in foil and smoked till probe tender. Cubed and placed in a pan with some bbq sauce and plenty of that hot honey! Smoked till reduced and extremely tender."

4. Smoked Mike's Hot Honey Chicken Wings - @backyard_bourbecue

"Which of these three smoked chicken wings are you reaching for first?

I wanted some variety, so I threw down three types of wings:
• First is a sesame ginger teriyaki wing using my own rub and @stonewallkitchen sauce.
• Second is a tangy buffalo wing using @reloadrub High Caliber and my own sauce made with a base of @franksredhot Wing Sauce.
• Third is a spicy honey mustard wing using @rainierfoods Ghost Pepper Smoky Honey (link in bio) as the rub, a drizzle of @mikeshothoney [score yours and other great products from @mantry (link in bio)] and @bearsmokebbq S.C. Mustard Sauce.

All three were smoked on my BGE with @smokeyourbourbon Barrel Proof wood chips."

5. Grilled Mike's Hot Honey Wings - @izzygrillz

"Way back wing Wednesday, who’s ready to dig into some of these honey glazed spicy wings?!

6. Drizzle Mike's Hot Honey Over Cheese - @big_greenmachine

"Fun fact - find the hottest cheese you can and add @mikeshothoney. We love @yanceysfancycheese NY Artisan Ghost Pepper Cheese. It is hot as hell, but you can never stop eating it - it’s that good! I Thought I’d spice it up even more and add @mikeshothoney. Weirdest thing - it neutralizes the ghost pepper heat completely 🤯. Anyone know why? Try it"

7. Use Red Clay Hot Honey to Smoked Salmon - @bankbeater_bbq

"I love honey on my smoked salmon so when I got this Hot Honey from @redclayhotsauce I knew what I had to do with it.
Fired up the @traegergrills to 275° and placed the salmon fillet on some pink butcher paper hit it with a little spicy cajun seasoning and placed it on the grill. Once it hit 120° I drizzled the honey on the fish and let it smoke until it hit 150°."

8. Mike's Hot Honey Skillet Corn Bread - @sapp_bbq

"On this edition of bbq sides, brought to you by the fine people @mantry & @mikeshothoney

I present to you hot honey skillet cornbread topped with a whipped hot honey and cinnamon butter and finished with a hot honey drizzle
I added the mikes hot honey into the batter itself and then baked the cornbread off in my @stargazercastiron 10in skillet.
The cornbread had the perfect balance of sweet and heat and cinnamon spice. I highly recommend you all give it a try"

9. Hot Honey Jalapeno - @bigtastybbqnh

"Some things just belong together - like Abbott & Costello, Cheech & Chong, Buzz & Woody, and......@mikeshothoney and @reloadrub Double Action rub on these jalapeno poppers! Thank you @mantry for sending this awesome hot honey!

Talk about a flavor explosion in your mouth! I hollowed out these jalapenos and stuffed them with a mixture of cream cheese, green onions, the hot honey, and the Double Action rub. Then I wrapped them.with some applewood smoked bacon and dusted them with another dose of the rub. Onto the charcoal they went until the bacon started to crisp up, the slathered them with yet another dose of the hot honey. Whooo Hoooo!"

10. Douse Mike's Hot Honey one Roasted Brussel Sprouts - @okmoorefood

11. Spicy Shark Hot Honey in Smoked Salt & Hot Honey Dry Rub Chicken Wings - @Mantry

12. Spicy Shark Hot Honey in Queso Fundido With Hot Honey & Hubs Peanuts - @Mantry

13. Red Clay Hot Honey in this Warm Salad of Roasted Squash, Prosciutto and Hot Honey - @Mantry

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