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Mike Jack // Hot Sauce Expert

Let me introduce myself. My name is Mike Jack. I hold three Guinness World Records for eating ghost peppers. I’m a top ranked world class chilli eater, and I know a thing or two about hot sauce.

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Top 5 Hottest All-Natural Hot Sauces

When it comes to hot sauce, the question I get asked the most often is “what is the hottest all-natural hot sauce?”  For those unfamiliar, “all-natural” usually means “non-extract.”  Pepper extracts are a way of creating a concentrated heat to make sauces hotter. The problem with extract though is the taste. I describe it as a metallic flavour. Many extreme chilli-heads want as much heat and pepper flavour as possible without the weird extract taste. If that’s what you’re looking for in a hot sauce, this list is for you!   Based on my personal opinion and experience, here’s my list of the Hottest All-Natural Hot Sauces:

“I-O Thor’s Hammer” by Volcanic Peppers

Different peppers hit you differently. Some are slow burning creepers. Some provide a deep sting. Some seem to burn longer than others. Sometimes, it’s the combination of peppers that makes one sauce feel hotter than another and not the actual Scoville rating. Thor’s Hammer is one of those sauces. It contains some of the hottest peppers in the world: Carolina Reapers, Moruga Scorpions, 7-Pot Douglahs, Jigsaws and more! The heat hits fast, it hits hard, it burns deep and it lasts a long time.

Sinai Gourmet “Reaper Originale”

Sinai Gourmet refers to their sauces as Hot Pepper Coulis which means they are very thick! Their slogan is “Eat Naked” because they don’t use vinegar, salt or artificial ingredients that mask natural flavour. This sauce is packed with Carolina Reapers (Guinness Record holder for The World’s Hottest Pepper) and just a few simple ingredients to give it a magnificent pepper-forward flavour.  I love their slogan and their sauce is fiery and flavourful.

“The Cremation” by Salem’s Lott Scary Hot Sauces

The Cremation (aka Death in a Jar) provides a double whammy by seemingly singeing your tongue with the intense heat of Carolina Reaper and scorpion peppers, and also smacking you with the sour sensation of lemon juice. This pungent sauce is one I love to use to help me wake up in the morning. You won’t need caffeine or a rooster call when you pour this sauce on a scramble, avocado toast or breakfast burrito!

“Fear This!” by Hellfire Hot Sauce

The name is accurate. This is a sauce that should be feared! Containing 60% Carolina Reaper mash, the average person won’t be able to taste much passed the tongue blistering heat. However, an experienced chili-heads with a higher tolerance for heat will enjoy the subtle spice blend reminiscent of a gourmet taco seasoning which makes “Fear This!” one of my favourite all-time sauces. I decided to choose only one sauce per company for this list, and I had a hard time choosing between “Fear This!” and Hellfire’s “Fiery Fool.” Both sauces were featured in the #9 spot on different seasons of the hit YouTube series, Hot Ones.

“Reaper Squeezins” by Puckerbutt Pepper Co

Reaper Squeezins

If you’re looking for the hottest non-extract sauce around, it makes sense to find the creator of the World’s Hottest Pepper! Smokin Ed Currie is the chilli pepper Frankenstein who created the Carolina Reaper, Pepper X and the newly unveiled Apollo pepper. Puckerbutt is Smokin Ed’s company. This sauce is jam packed with a whopping 92% Carolina Reapers! This sauce is not fooling around. If you want the most extreme hot sauce that’s packed with pepper flavour, this is your sauce!

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