Mantry introduces our "Expert" series.  From Bourbon to Jerky to Keto to BBQ top minds give us their insider picks.  It's hot sauce time so we tag in a high heat aficionado, a ghost pepper guzzling, world record holding, Scoville crushing master who goes straight for a hot topic: Pineapple on Pizza. 

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Mike Jack

Mike Jack // Hot Sauce Expert

Hello there!  This is my first blog post for Mantry, so let me introduce myself. My name is Mike Jack. I hold three Guinness World Records for eating ghost peppers. I’m a top ranked world class chilli eater, and I know a thing or two about hot sauce.

I’ve chosen a very controversial topic for my first post here - a topic that has the world divided.  I love pineapple on pizza!  I know not everyone is into that, but I can’t deny it and I have to say it proudly. I LOVE PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA!  Here’s my list of the Top 5 Pineapple Hot Sauces to Put on Pizza:

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And Now, Drum Roll Please.....

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Solar Flare Hot Sauce

#5. “Solar Flare” by Pepper North Artisan Foods (Ontario, Canada)

Pepper North is best known for their fiery creation “Stargazer” which was featured on the hit YouTube series “Hot Ones” and made Will Ferrell proclaim “Ontario is the Mexico of Canada.”  “Solar Flare” dials the heat back a bit to bring a delicious combo of flavour and fire to a wider audience. This multi-award winning hot sauce is perfect for anyone looking for a sunny burst of habanero heat and smoked pineapple sweetness.

#4. “Habanero Pineapple” by Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. (Ontario, Canada)

Another pineapple/habanero hot sauce from Ontario featured on “Hot Ones,” but the differences are profound!  This one delivers a more savoury flavour with award winning “Beaver Duck” session IPA from Sleeping Giant Brewery and a not so subtle burst of onion goodness.

The Spicy Shark Caribbean Reef Shark (Scotch Bonnet) - Heatsupply

#3. “Caribbean Reef Shark” by The Spicy Shark (New England, USA)

When you “Eat the Heat,” this Scovie Award Winner will take your tastebuds on a trip to the Caribbean. It’s fitting that the heat here is derived by Caribbean native scotch bonnet peppers which are smothered in an array of tropical fruit with pineapple taking center stage.  A portion of the proceeds also benefits shark related charities so buy lots!Pallotta Pineapple Jalapeño Hot Sauce - Doc Hotties

#2. “Pineapple Jalapeño” by Pallotta Hot (New Jersey, USA)

If you’re new to the hot sauce game or are looking for a more mild sauce with outrageous flavour, here’s a good one for you!  Jalapeño is another one of my favourite pizza toppings. This sauce is so good, it usually didn’t even make it to my pizza.  I’d guzzle it straight from the bottle instead!  Pallotta Hot is another charitable company.  A portion of their proceeds go to New Beginnings Family and Children Services to support child adoption. 

Exitium - Pineapple Ginger Hot Sauce - Pepper Explosion Wholesale#1. “Exitium” by Burns & McCoy (Colorado, USA)

Exitium is Latin for “destruction or ruin” and that’s the state you’ll be in if you eat too much of this sauce!  This Golden Chilli winner contains some of the hottest peppers in existence: ghost peppers, 7 pots, Moruga Scorpions and Carolina Reapers.  This may be a perfect heat level for hot sauce veterans, but rookies beware!  This sauce is delicious and definitely one of my all-time favs. I love pouring this on pizza. 

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