Crunchy Kimchi, crispy cucumber and flavorful beef combine for this speedy sando featuring two of our favorite food makers in America.


  • 1 lb. Shaved beef
  • kimchi
  • cucumber. sliced thin
  • This Little Goat Korea Sauce
  • brioche buns
  • Brooklyn Delhi Guntur Sannam Hot Sauce


  1. Toss Shaved Beef with 1/4 cup This Little Goat Korea Sauce to marinate 1-12 hours. 
  2. Add the beef with all the marinade to a hot pan and simmer until fully cooked.
  3. Toast brioche buns, add hot sauce on bottom bun and layer on some beef,  kimchi and cucumber, squeeze a little extra Little Goat Sauce on top bun and serve. 

Pro Tip: You can make an easy yogurt/mayo by combining 1 part Brooklyn Delhi Sauce with 3 parts Yogurt or Mayo. 

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