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Frozen Calico Jack — Dark & Stormy Recipe

Tiki Pineapple Syrup // Fix Cocktail Syrups // Madison, WI

Corner-store colas and over-sweetened juices won’t cut it in quality cocktails. That’s why most bars worth their rim salt make their own mixers, like this old-school Tiki Pineapple Syrup. Where canned juice is tongue-numbing sharp, this syrup is a smooth island breeze of tropical flavor, thanks to fresh pineapple, warm spices and a hint of lime. The secret to a great rummy concoction like a Jungle Bird, Rum Runner, or the infamous Painkiller or use it in cooking for our Pineapple Bacon Wings or drizzled over a Coconut Mango Parfait

Mixes Well With:

  1. rum
  2. vodka
  3. gin
  4. tequila
  5. mezcal
  6. bourbon.

From The Makers:

Matt and Clare, the husband and wife duo behind Fix Cocktail Syrups + Quince & Apple

“Every small batch we make is produced with hands-on care and great attention to detail so that each jar is up to our exacting standards. This artisan-centered approach allows us to always use the highest quality fresh produce, adjusting for the differences in season and variety. And we only make flavors we truly love. We hope you love them too!”

Pineapple Bacon Wings Recipe Here

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