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"Turf & Turf" Tacos With Honey Glazed Pork Belly & Shredded Sesame Teriyaki Jerky Recipe Here

Honey Glaze Sauce // KPOP Foods // Los Angeles, CA

We’re big believers the world needs to experience more Korean flavors from Kim Chi to Gochujang to Galbi and Black Garlic. This sauce may have foreign origins but it is a go-to partner for any American classic whether it’s pork belly tacos, fried chicken, chicken burgers or ribs. You’re just one squeeze from helping a dish K Pop off.

Korean Honey Chili Cauliflower Tacos Recipe Here

From The Maker:

The Dream Team Behind KPOP Foods…

  • AWARD WINNING FORMULA - Created by successful restaurateur, Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race and Cutthroat Kitchen champion, Chef Chris Oh.
  • SWEET & SAVORY FINGER LICKING LIP SMACKING SATISFACTION - Blending honey, gochujang, jalapeños, garlic, and lime, this sauce is delightfully sweet and subtly savory with a slight kick. Guaranteed to satisfy both your sweet and savory cravings!
  • KOREAN FRIED CHICKEN SAUCE - Made for chicken, but also great on ribs, salmon, tacos, and fries.

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