Boat Sauce Shrimp Tacos With Mean Bean & Cabbage Slaw

Bobbie's Boat Sauce // Portland, OR 

Hailing from the city that consistently gives us some of the best cooks and food makers in the country, Bobbie's Boat sauce is yet another Portland gem.  Good food takes time and it took 3 years of tweaking and perfecting and balancing for Bobbie's founder to bottle this PDX flavor potion. Check out the breakdown from the maker:

"Onions, garlic, and ginger are slowly sautéed with fresh jalapeños, then simmered with spices, tomatoes, Thai chilis, lime, and vinegar. Maple syrup balances out the spice and tang, and a touch of Vietnamese fish sauce adds depth and umami."

One taste and it's very apparent this stuff was worth the wait, we are obsessed with it doused on fresh seafood, these spicy satay dogs or crowd-pleasing Boat Sauce Tacos

5 Fast Uses

1. Bobbie's Boat Sauce on Fresh Seafood

2. Bobbie's Boat Sauce in a Grilled Cheese

3. Toss Wings in Bobbie's Boat Sauce 

4. Bobbie's Boat Sauce on Eggs

5. Squeeze Bobbies Boat Sauce into Chowders / Soups / Stews


Bobbie's Picnic Chicken

Bobbie's Clam Dip

Bobbie's Boat Queso

Funky Kumquat Chicken


More Bobbie's Recipes Right Here

Satay Hot Dog 

Bobbie's Funky Kumquat Chicken

Bobbie's Boat Queso

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