Portable and protein-packed doesn't have to mean flavorless and dull. Here are eight meat snack sticks from some of the best makers in the USA that deliver on all fronts.

Chorizo Snack Sticks // Aurelia’s Chorizo

In a small town an hour north of Austin, Leslie Horne makes some of the best dry-cured chorizo in America.  This portable version allows you to snack on chorizo on the fly.  Or you can still use it up in recipes

From The Maker:

"Aurelia's Snack Sticks also known as Chistorra, are made from the same recipe as our Original Dry Cured Chorizo. They are Keto, Paleo and Whole30 diet friendly with no sugar, fillers or additives. Small artisan batches of the sausage are prepared with full pork shoulder cuts, fresh ground garlic and Spanish Paprika imported from the de la Vera region of Spain. The chorizo is lightly smoked and dry cured for a rich, authentic flavor. Great on the go snack packed with protein."

Spicy Beef 100% Grass-Fed Meat Stick // New Primal 

Protein-packed with a hit of heat, new primal know how to make a tasty meat snack.

From The Maker:

Grass-fed, grass-finished beef mixed with onion, white and black pepper with hints of jalapeno and chili pepper! The same delicious taste and quality of our spicy jerky, formed into an easy to eat stick with 7g grams of protein and just 80 calories each. 

Beef Snack Sticks // Burger’s Smokehouse 

If tacos lack one thing, it’s portability. Usually, that’s not a problem. Eaten in a messy three-bite binge, standing in a crowded parking lot or hovered over a picnic table, a little mess doesn’t get in the way of taco-night delight. But when you need that spicy satisfaction that only a taco can bring — and you need it to-go — nothing beats jerky, the original road snack. Every culture has its take on cured meat made to travel, and while these are Yankee-born, don’t be fooled by their gringo pedigree. It’s the real thing. The Burger’s Smokehouse founder cured his first country hams back in the 1920s, and has been filling the family barn with them ever since. That same slow-cured spin gives smoky, salty, savory bite to these snacks — no napkin necessary.


smoked pork sticks with paprika, oregano and garlic

Pepperettes // Olympic Provisions

From one of the best charcuterie makers in the country, the Oregon temple of meat also makes darn tasty snack sticks. No nitrates, all flavor, we dig the flaco paco with its punch of paprika.

From The Maker:

We've been smoking pork sticks (with excellent pork, in natural casings, over hickory and applewood) since the beginning. If you've been to our restaurants, you've probably had one of the long, thin, delicious sticks elegantly gracing the top of the deli case.  

We started making these little shorties and wrapped them up all cute in a pocket-sized box. Perfect for snacking, these traveling pocket meats are little gifts to say, "I love you... and you love meat."

Pepperettes come three to a pack and are roughly 2 oz each.

Nitrate and Nitrite free!  

Beef Sticks // Mission Meats

Grass-fed beef with no fillers or other garbage that can detract from pure energy giving goodness.  

From The Maker:

You won't find any unnecessary ingredients in these beef sticks! Feel good grabbing one any time that hunger strikes. Packed with 7g of protein, these grass fed and finished beef sticks will keep you fueled for whatever your day brings.

Maple BBQ Pork Sticks // Field Trip Snacks

Barbecue is site-specific. Hot coals aren’t exactly TSA-approved. But a snack stick is a moveable feast: have meat, will travel. Field Trip is made for carnivores on the go. Started by three ski bums looking for a healthier, heartier fuel pre-, post- (and during) long days on the slopes, where mountain lodge sustenance is scarce, and usually covered in nacho cheese. Pork, a kiss of smoke and no MSG or preservatives make this a perfect way to sate your grill cravings anywhere you go.

From The Maker:

People definitely struggle deciding which side of me they like better. Some love me because I’m sweet, some love me because I’m tangy. Sounds crazy I know, but it’s just how I was raised. My ol’ man was a southern pig rancher who married a canadian maple farmer, so it makes sense that I’d turn out to be a perfect blend of the two. But no matter how you like it, one bite and I bet we’re going to be best friends. Get out there. Be contradictory.


Landjäger // Schaller & Weber

German hunters know a thing or two about meat and fuel.  Long days walking around brainstorming in the woods lead to this traditional recipe which is equally good as it is healthy.  No surprise that it comes from the best German deli in the country.

From The Maker:

For centuries German hunters and adventurers have set off with landjäger in their pockets. This smoked and cured meat traveled well and provided sustenance and energy when it was most needed. That’s how it got its name, the hunter’s meat. Today, landjäger still provides the perfect boost of energy for your outdoor adventure, which is why we call it the #survivalsnack. For those who want great taste and the comforts of home, the landjäger pairs perfectly with your charcuterie board.

Each pair conveniently fits in your pocket and supplies 13 grams of protein when your body wants it most. Given the history of Landjäger it’s clear to see why they are adventure fuel as old as adventure itself.

Spicy Peri Peri Biltong Stick // Stryve Biltong

Biltong is the South African meat snack taking America by storm and Stryve offers up this convenient take on the snacking staple.

From The Maker:

Satisfy your heat tooth with the stinging bite of our Spicy Peri Peri biltong sticks. If you like a hotter pepper and don't mind a little face sweat, the "African Red Devil" is the pepper for you. It's the perfect balance of nice-and-hot without the taste bud blowout. Eat and enjoy, hotshot.

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