A good sauce can transform an ordinary meal into something extraordinary.  Here are five sauces that do just that from some of the best small-batch food makers in the USA. 

Mina ShaksukaEggs Poached in Shakshuka Recipe Here

Mina Shakshuka // Casablanca Foods // New York, NY

Take your standard red sauce and send it packing: on a gap-year walkabout, from safe suburban kitchens to sun-flamed desert sands, on a dusty bus ride through North Africa, to a wandering sunset in the souk, its maze of billowing tapestries, smoke, mint tea, lost amid the pyramids of spice, piled high in dizzying array. Let it go native, toasted by the heat and simmered in the scents and flavors of Morocco. Now welcome it to your kitchen, heat slowly in a humble pan, add an egg or two, cook and spoon on rustic bread, then taste, and be transported.

roasted-eggplant-with-coconut-cilantro-chutneyRoasted Eggplant With BasBaas Sauce Recipe Here

Basbaas Sauce // Hudson Valley, NY

Sweet heat, with unexpected fruit undertones. It’s a go-to addition to spice up most meals in Somalia. Spread it on toast in the morning, use it as a finishing sauce on chicken, or use it as a base for salad dressing. This sauce is vegan, gluten free, non-gmo, organic ingredients when possible, no added sugar.

5 Fast Uses

  1. Basbaas Wings
  2. Base for Salad Dressing
  3. Basbaas + Grilled Meat (Try Mixing With Yoghurt) 
  4. Basbaas on Salmon
  5. Kick up a Hot Dog or Burger

Basbaas Recipes:

Roasted Eggplant With BasBaas Sauce

Smoky Hummus With BasBaas Sauce

Smoky Hummus With Tamarind & Date

Basbaas Buddha Bowl

Hawa, Basbaas Owner 

OG Sriracha // JoJo’s Sriracha // Denver, CO

When stranded off in the mountains (or just at home), you’re only as good as the condiments you keep. A little dab of special sauce can elevate a dish from bland to your crowd beating down the kitchen door for seconds. Look no further than Jojo’s Sriracha which is “thoughtfully sourced carefully fermented and intentionally blended” to create a sriracha that rivals (dare we say surpasses) that one with the rooster.

Jojo's Sriracha

More Uses:

Sriracha Honey Marinade

JoJo's Peanut Sauce

Sriracha Veggie Burgers

Jojo's Sriracha - Mantry

Tikka Makhani Chicken Recipe Here

Maffé Peanut Simmer Sauce // Kitchen of Africa // Raleigh, NC

Founder Jainaba Jeng is simply making some of the most exciting simmer sauces and condiments in the country.  Along with having a stunning Instagram feed that makes our mouth water her products will turn any weeknight dinner into the meal of the month.

From The Maker:

Maffé or Domoda are interchangeable names for the national dish of The Gambia (also known as the smiling coast of West Africa) – our Founders’ native land. Though peanut stew is a regional specialty in West Africa and the recipe and name will change depending on the country you are in, the Gambian version is especially esteemed.

The slightly sweet, spicy and tangy flavors of this sauce balance the rich and nutty peanut flavor. We use a generous amount of fresh ginger and garlic for extra boldness, fiery habaneros for a little heat, fresh lime juice for some tang, and a little sugar for a touch of sweetness. We then simmer, gently, in a rich peanut and tomato base, ideal for creating many unexpected and tasty flavors.

If you are new to African cuisine, this sauce is a perfect introduction. Simmer covered with spinach, black-eyed peas and okra for a vegan replica of a dish from The Gambia called Domoda Bissap. Add a dollop of Kaani sauce and savor it just like a local.

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