Anytime a year is a good time to fire up the bbq and grill some wings for family, friends or the big game. 

1. Yellowbird Serrano Chicken Wings

A simple, tasty chicken wings recipe for game night, party night or frankly any night. These wings can be easily grilled for any summer cookout, they use one of our favorite hot sauces from our friends at Yellowbird foods in Austin.

2. Shawarma Chicken Wings

Shawarma is good, wings are good, why not shawarma wings? These dry-rubbed grilled wings take on heat from Cambodian hot sauce and aromatic spice from Villa Jerada's Shawarma spice. A cool, refreshing yogurt sauce cuts through the big wing flavor for the perfect backyard bbq starter. 

 3. Grilled Mambo Wings

The DC secret is Mambo Sauce and it makes one of the best chicken wings in America.

 If you love wings, you might love Mantry because we send a lot of wing sauces...


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