Mantry showcases six of the best salsa makers in the USA making small-batch, craft and artisan renditions of salsa fit for anything from tacos and quesadillas to grilled meats and cornbread. 

Fuego Salsa // La Fundidora // Williamsburg, NY

Mexico City may have little in common with Williamsburg but thanks to La Fundidora they share sublime salsa. Founders Lorena, a Mexico City expat and her husband Vitali set out to revive the lost art of small-batch, traditional salsa making. That means ground down ripe tomatoes are combined with a hefty dose of tomatillos and select guajillo and arbor Chilies. Take a shortcut to tasty by tossing in your scrambled eggs or swipe a piece of Soberdough Green Chile Cheddar Brew Bread through it.

Shrimp Skewers With Fire Roasted Pineapple Salsa Recipe Here

Fire Roasted Pineapple Salsa // Zukali // Plano, TX

If the first cro-magnon to toss a mastodon shank on the fire thought he was smart, consider the moment of Newton-esque brilliance that brought us grilled fruit: a pineapple slice falls in the flames, and summer food is forever transformed. Inspired by the caramelized wedge atop traditional tacos al pastor, from the Texas plains comes an eminently spoonable, dippable, add-it-to-anything sauce of roasted fruit, cilantro, and mellow chilies.

Karma Tommy Tomatillo SalsaTurkey Meatball Tostadas With Tomatillo Salsa Recipe Here

Tommy Tomatillo Salsa // Karma Sauce Company // Rochester, NY

Rochester. Home of the Garbage Plate and one of the preeminent sauce and salsa makers in the country. Not just our words, Karma Sauce Co. took home a staggering 24 awards from Zestfest (think Oscars for Hot Sauce). This seasonal salsa will wake up a dish of scrambled eggs, take your hot dog to new heights or make shrimp tacos sing. Tommy Tomatillo is made with 100% estate-grown heirloom chiles, tomatillos and tomatoes. Need more Karma? don’t sleep on their Funken Hot, Chipotle Mustard or Cherry Bomb Sauce.

Maker Take:

“Karma Sauce’s founder and sauce expert Gene Olczak has expertly designed each recipe so that every bottle of Karma Sauce is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. So if you’re tired of forgettable meals and want to return to meals that matter, you’re one step closer to finding the secret sauce that gets you there.”

We don’t squawk “Award Winning” for nothing, here is some hardware for Tommy Tomatillo Salsa:

  • 2016 Fiery Food Challenge Winner — Salsa: Medium
  • 2016 Fiery Food Challenge Winner — Best New Product
  • 2018 Fiery Food Challenge Winner — Salsa: Verde/Tomatillo
  • 2019 Scovie Winner — Salsa: Verde
  • 2020 Fiery Food Challenge Winner — Salsa: Verde/Tomatillo


Turkey Meatball Tostadas With Tomatillo Salsa Recipe Here

Mantry Best Salsa AmericaChar Grilled Seafood with Salsa Verde Recipe Here

Fresca Salsa // La Fundidora // Brooklyn, NY

Salsa is a grill-side staple these days, but those neon red jars of store-bought extra-chunky are as authentic as your shrink-wrapped buns are bakery-fresh. Grow up, hombre. Simple and fresh and bursting with flavors bright as beachside sun, La Fundadora makes the real deal: spicy serranos and tangy tomatillos, hot as sand, cooling as the waves. Give your fresh-grilled fish the dressing it deserves.

Roasted Chili Salsa | Farm To People | Small-Batch, Artisanal Food ...

Roasted Chili Salsa // Kitchen Garden Farm // Sunderland, MA

Fire-roasted for optimum smoky goodess, this roasted chili salsa is handcrafted from organic tomatoes, onions and chilies grown on the family farm.  

Salsa Macha

Salsa Macha // Xilli // New York, NY

Slowly fried chipotles? Yes please. Toasted peanuts in a smoky “xilli” (chili) oil? Oh my. This is a big, bold, burrito upgrading salsa made by hand with an authentic, traditional recipe. 

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