Everybody has been there, you're rushing to a dinner party or gathering so you grab a bottle of $20 wine at the last second to not arrive empty-handed. You show up, hand the bottle of wine to the host and it is dropped on the counter. By night's end, the wine has been mindlessly consumed and not a memory was created. We've done it a million times.

This is not our idea. 12 years ago, we read in GQ to bring olive oil instead of wine. GQ wrote the best hosting article we've ever read and during this era (when they talked food sometimes), they mentioned this olive oil trick.

Try it. What happens? You show up, hand the bottle of olive oil to the host and it is dropped on the counter. By night's end, everyone talks about the olive oil you brought, how good it was drizzled over dinner and two weeks later your host calls to remind you that they are still enjoying the EVOO gift over fresh charred scallions. Why? Olive oil lasts, wine does not. Great olive oil costs as much as most mediocre wine and you can get 10x the use out of it. 

So next time you get invited to a dinner party, bring olive oil. Next time you need to give a gift, gift olive oil. Next to salt, it is the most used thing in someone's kitchen and most people are too cheap to buy the good stuff. Olive oil is an affordable luxury, spoil someone and buy them some top-notch olive oil. 

We recommend Brightland. This stuff is delicious, it shows up on all sorts of "olive oil gift ideas" and "gifts for olive oil lovers" lists but it's the real deal for two reasons. 1) The packaging is beautiful (this matters for gifts). 2) The product is some of the best olive oil made in the USA. 

Pictured Above: Brightland Olive Oil Gift Set 

If you want to try something else, check out our list of The Best Olive Oils In America.  We have tasted thousands of olive oils curating for the Mantry Subscription over the years and we think these are the best extra virgin olive oil brands going.

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