All of a sudden, charcuterie board classes, charcuterie board tutorials and charcuterie board gifts are everywhere.  So what if you want to build your own?  Well, Mantry has been building snack boards for ten years and here are three charcuterie board resources we recommend.

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Carnivore Club

Looking for subscription charcuterie for your Charcuterie board ideas? Carnivore Club is an artisan salami of the month club designed to deliver mail-order meat. Salumi makers like Caro and Creminelli are featured, with monthly deliveries of everything from chorizo and soppressata to 'Nduja. Use it to discover new salami for your charcuterie board ingredients list. 

John Boos Block

John Boos has the best charcuterie board to buy to build your "charcuterie board" on top of (in our opinion). It also doubles as a durable, cutting board that is worth the money. There is no need for a fancy, flimsy wood serving platter when you can lay out your charcuterie, cheese and fruit on this boos block made in the USA.

Murray's Cheese

One of the all-time best cheese stores in America,  Murray's fresh cut process delivers top-quality cheese all over the country.  Whether you go blue or goat, Époisses or Emmental, Murray's is one of the best places to buy cheese online.  Murray's Cheese also has a wide selection of American artisan cheese to choose from so you can buy local cheese for your charcuterie board.


There are plenty of snack board essentials in every Mantry.  We ship everything from the best roast nuts to mouthwatering salalmi and mustards.  Check out our past subscriptions here.

If you need more tips, check out these 5 Tips For Making The Ultimate Charcuterie Board and more product ideas here.

Go ahead, start the charcuterie board diet...


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