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Sophisticated Spreads // Charcuterie Board Experts


It's time for charcuterie board bosses to share their secrets so we tag in @SophisticatedSpreads who build the cheeseboards of your dreams on a daily basis.  Here's a list of charcuterie board tips to get you inspired to make your own perfect spread at home.

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And Now...Bring On The Boards! 

1. Build It With Stone 

The key to making a summer cheeseboard is using local, fresh ingredients to spice up your selection… Recently, I’ve been a huge fan of stone fruits like peaches, with burrata and toasted crostinis!  

2. Color It In

Always always always PLAY WITH COLORS! This means, incorporate the beautiful colors of fresh figs, mixed with yellow rainier cherries to make the perfect rainbow filled charcuterie board. 

3. Dip It

If you’re looking to make a dip for an appetizer, summer calls for cold dips… We made a super delicious spicy feta dip that is refreshing and pairs well with pita chips. Check out our Instagram for more recipe details! 

4. Lighten Up

When deciding on cheeses, go for light and bright flavors. There is nothing like a nice cracker, with fresh raspberry and honey goat cheese — other cheeses that remind me of summer include : mozzarella, feta, ricotta, burrata, and an aged cheddar! 


5. Share It

Take your cheeseboard tips from me, and try it yourself! Send @SophisticatedSpreads and @Mantry a photo of your completed product so we can see how you combine summer flavors and channel the season! 


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