Umami Reserve Hot Sauce // Seed Ranch Flavor Co. // Boulder, CO

Barbecued Umami Corn Recipe Here

Ask a food scientist to describe Umami and this what you’ll hear: savouriness, meaty, broth-like, rich intensity —a huge flavor bomb. This sauce is engineered to deliver Umami, leveraging Umami cornerstones like porcini mushrooms and dried olives and combining them with the famed chocolate habanero pepper and fresh garlic. The result? A sauce that can wake up any brothy soup, taco, burger or thing, that needs a big flavorful backbone. Like the tuba kid in the back or the humble bass player, this sauce does the heavy lifting to provide BIG flavor in just a couple drops. 

5 Fast Uses

  1. Avocado Toast
  2. Douse Into Pasta Sauce
  3. Spike Some Chicken Broth & Noodles
  4. Scrambled Eggs
  5. Over Grilled Veggies 


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