Schnitzel Sandwich With Smokin Padrón Jam Recipe Here

Smokin Padrón Jam // Friend in Cheeses Jam Co. // Santa Cruz, CA

Capture the sultry, smoky heat of late-summer grill outs with a jam that goes where others don’t. Friend in Cheeses was founded to bring sweet spreads out of the candy aisle (all that sugar!) and into a place of pantry prominence, and their Smokin’ Padrón is indeed as versatile as any condiment, with just the right mix of heat and sweet, and a wisp of earthy smoke. PB+J? Sure. Charcuterie? Of course. And cheese? Well — naturally. A friend to all, it’ll be the secret sauce of any grill-worthy sandwich, keeping your party grooving and guests guessing at the miraculous mix of flavors. Whether you spread the gospel is up to you.


Schnitzel Sandwich With Smokin Padrón Jam

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