Cheesy Jerky Garlic Bread

Cheesy Jerky Garlic Bread Recipe Here

Smokehouse BBQ Grass Fed Jerky // Jerky’s Gourmet // Fallbrook, CA

Ahh, tailgating, where the scent of slowly caramelizing meat over open flame wafts through a parking lot full of beer swiggin’ adults swapping barbecue and betting tips. Jerky Gourmet has managed to bag up all those smoky, sweet game day flavors into one jerky experience with their Smokehouse BBQ Jerky. Owners Tim & Dria have also done it using 100% grass-fed, grass-finished beef from domestic farms in the Pacific Northwest which makes their jerky healthier, more sustainable and a cut above.

From The Maker:

Bursting with the sweet, smoky & tangy flavors of a backyard barbecue! Tender and juicy, SmokeHouse BBQ uses Jerky’s Gourmet’s unique blend of spices and our signature barbecue taste to assure this flavor’s place as a constant favorite.

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