Smoky Salami // Rustix // Norwalk, IA

What happens when one of America's best charcuterie makers gets involved in the snack stick game? This ain't no Hot Rod folks. Semi-dry, lightly-cured, and made from pork raised humanely without antibiotics Rustix have 12 grams of protein and 0 grams sugar per serving. Made by Mantry Hall Of Famer La Quercia Cured Meats, these beauties can hold their own from a high-end meat and cheese board to a hiking trail.  They also make a killer Bloody Mary garnish (see recipe below)! 

"BBQ" Bloody Mary

"BBQ" Bloody Mary Recipe Here

From The Maker: 

"Rustix were born out of our desire to create a delicious snack from high quality humanely raised pork, as well as a commitment to minimizing food waste. We use meat from the pork shank, a lean cut at the end of the ham that does not lend itself to traditional long curing. Salami sticks were the perfect solution for making use of this under-utilized protein rich cut and we spent months perfecting the spicing and unique curing process. We’re really proud of the result!"

Mantry Father's Day "Smoke" Grilling Crate

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