Spicy Borsellino // La Quercia // Norwalk, IA

The name’s Italian, but the accent’s humbly middle-west: The majestic oak (or quercia) is Iowa’s state tree, and from little ol’ Norwalk come the masters of American-made, Italian-style salumi. Heritage hams (Durocs and Berkshires, humanely raised), cut with care, aged with patience, and even spiced and salted with Yankee flair — the sea salt is from U.S. shores. Potato Salad in need of a kick? Add a slice or two dozen of this oily link, aged two months with pimenton and chiles for a bloom of soothing smoke and feisty kick of chorizo-like spice.

La Quercia Borsellino Potato Salad With Wilder Mustard Vinaigrette Recipe Here

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