Old Fashioned Hot Toddy

Bourbon "Old Fashioned" Hot Toddy Recipe Here

Classic Old Fashioned Syrup // Cocktail Crate // Long Island City, NY

We know you want to roll up your sleeves and flash those vinyasa-toned forearms, shaking up cocktails for your ogling guests — but they don’t want to watch; they want to drink, and you should be shmoozing, not sweating it out behind the bar. So do what the trendiest mixology meccas do and plan ahead with DIY drinks. Cocktail Crate's mixer is perfect. It has everything but the booze: a classic blend of orange and aromatic bitters, sultry sweet with brown turbinado sugar. Mix four parts whiskey to one part Cocktail Crate, fill a couple of swing-top bottles, set the bar with an ice bucket and bowl of orange twists, and save the shaking for the dance floor. Need a winter warmer? Turn up the heat with our simple, satisfying version of the Old Fashioned Hot Toddy or go full Breakfast comfort blast with Old Fashioned Whiskey French Toast. 


  1. Rum Old Fashioned
  2. Long Island City
  3. Spiced Whiskey Sour

Jerky Old Fashioned

Jerky Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe Here

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