Pineapple Fried Rice Recipe Here

Caribbean Hot Sauce // Char Man Brand // Ojai, CA

Launched in 2006 and decorated with Scovie Awards (think Oscars of Hot Sauce) Char Man is one of the great hot sauce brands in the nation. Whether you go OG Sauce, Verde or this Caribbean Queen it all just burns so good. 
From the Maker: 
“We use spices found in island cuisine and blend them with mangos, pineapple juice and hot peppers such as manzanos, guerros and habaneros.
This sauce is great on all types of food but especially shines with seafood and poultry. Try it with fish tacos, brush it on grilled shrimp or chicken.”
We are fired up about using Char Man in sweet, spicy and smoky pineapple fried rice.
5 Quick Hits (Uses)
  1. Fish Tacos.
  2. Stir Fry (Glug a couple of splashes in when you heat up the oil).
  3. Toss with Buffalo wings...
  4. Add a bit of bang to a chicken burger.
  5. Melt with butter and toss with your movie popcorn.

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