Beef Snack Sticks // Burger’s Smokehouse // California, MO

If tacos lack one thing, it’s portability. Usually, that’s not a problem. Eaten in a messy three-bite binge, standing in a crowded parking lot or hovered over a picnic table, a little mess doesn’t get in the way of taco-night delight. But when you need that spicy satisfaction that only a taco can bring — and you need it to-go — nothing beats jerky, the original road snack. Every culture has its take on cured meat made to travel, and while these are Yankee-born, don’t be fooled by their gringo pedigree. It’s the real thing. The Burger’s Smokehouse founder cured his first country hams back in the 1920s, and has been filling the family barn with them ever since. That same slow-cured spin gives smoky, salty, savory bite to these snacks — no napkin necessary.


Michelada With Burger's  Smokehouse "Stir Stick"

Michelada With Burger's Smokehouse Snack Stick

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