Life can get demanding but there's no reason it can't be delicious at the same time.  Mantry has rounded up six products, from six of America's best makers to fuel your day, your life and your appetite.

Power Greens Smoothie Recipe

Gnarly Nutrition

Gear up for an epic taste adventure with this Gnarly Taster Box! It's like a treasure chest filled with nutritional gems from the Gnarly universe. 

It's got Berry Lemonade BCAAs, Pre Workout Strawberry Lemonade to ignite your inner fire, Hydrate Orange Pineapple to quench your thirst, Performance Greens to boost your smoothies, and Gnarly Collagen Pro for daily fuel.

Gnarly doesn't mess around when it comes to quality. They kick fake stuff to the curb – no GMOs, artificial colors, flavors, soy, or gluten! Get ready to unleash your inner athlete, one delicious sip at a time. Gnarly Nutrition: where taste meets triumph!

Also! Gnarly has hooked up the Mantry audience with 15% off! Just use code MANTRY15 at checkout!

Think Jerky

Out: the chemical pumped gas station jerky. In: Healthy jerky with recipes created by world-renowned chefs like two time James Beard Award Winner Chef Gale Gand.

The founder of Think Jerky sure had a good thought when he came up with tagging in top tier chefs into the jerky ring.  From two-time BaconFest Champion Matt Troost, to the legendary founder of Hot Doug's (named one of the “50 Best Restaurants on the Planet” by Bon Appétit Magazine), to Michelin-Starred Chef Gale Gand, Think delivers expertly crafted flavors that don't rely on buckets of salt and sugar.  Some may call it jerky innovation, and yes, the jerky horizons are indeed bright.

Thai Jerky Chicken Wings Recipe

Thai Tango // Tango Chile Sauce

This tantalizing blend offers a fresh, sweet, and spicy Tango experience with a slighlty intensified heat level, thanks to the addition of Thai chilies. Prepare to be captivated as the spicy flavors dance on your palate without overstaying their welcome. From a quick stir-fry to grilled anything, Thai Tango can wake up any meal.

Born out of random sauce experiments, this particular batch quickly gained popularity, becoming one of the most beloved creations from the  Tango Chile Sauce team.

A perfect balance of carrots, apple cider vinegar, lime juice, garlic, culantro, Thai chilies, habaneros, and spices harmonizing in each bottle. Not only does it add a spicy punch, but Thai Tango is also healthy with a clean ingredient list. Moreover, it caters to various dietary preferences as it is both vegan and gluten-free. Let Thai Tango bring its Thai-inspired flair to elevate your meals.

Warrior Blend Protein // Sun Warrior

Fuel your active lifestyle with Sun Warrior Warrior Blend Protein, a high-performance and KETO-friendly organic protein powder. This exceptional blend combines the power of multiple rich protein sources, resulting in a smooth and delicious formula that surpasses the benefits of individual components alone. With the inclusion of medium-chain triglycerides from coconut, this vegan protein becomes an amino acid and BCAA powerhouse. Sunwarrior prioritizes quality by using clean ingredients, free from synthetics, fillers, and animal products. Their ISO-Certified, third-party lab ensures rigorous heavy metals and micros testing. Simply mix, shake, or blend one scoop with your favorite beverage for a nutrient-packed pre or post-workout fuel. Warrior Blend: Organic, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, and Vegan – the ultimate choice for the Active Warrior in you.

GOODONYA Hydrate Organic Electrolyte Powder

Replenish and conquer with Goodonya Hydrate, the ultimate hydration powder that means serious business. This certified organic and glyphosate-free blend is a game-changer for your hydration game. Say goodbye to artificial flavors and hello to the real deal – we're talking organic lemon, coconut, stevia, Himalayan pink salt, magnesium sea minerals, and a boost of vitamin C.

Hydration is no joke, and neither are the benefits you'll experience. Goodonya Hydrate is your secret weapon for optimized performance, faster muscle recovery, laser-sharp focus, immune system support, and even a handy hangover remedy. It's like having a hydration superhero in a bottle!

So skip the fluff and embrace the power of nature. Grab your Goodonya Hydrate and quench your thirst like a true champion. Hydration just got a whole lot cooler.

About The Founder:

Kris, a former Olympic athlete, was over consuming artificial sports drinks and developed HYDRATE. After experiencing the transformative power of natural minerals, Kris invites others to make a proactive investment in their health and enjoy a delicious and healthy way to replenish.

Keto Coffee Creamer // Bulletproof 

Elevate your coffee game with Bulletproof InstaMix Creamer, the instant superhero of your morning routine! No blender? No problem! Just tear open a packet of this travel-friendly creamer and watch it work its magic. Packed with brain-boosting smart fats like Grass-Fed butter and speedy Brain Octane oil, it's like adding a turbocharger to your brew. Get ready for lasting energy that will make you feel like you can conquer the world, one sip at a time. Whether you're jet-setting or just running late, this creamer has your back. So shake, stir, and sip your way to a supercharged day. Bulletproof InstaMix Creamer: where coffee meets superhero fuel!


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