Unique food gifts or gifts for men who have everything genuinely fall under the same category. You’re really just looking for a mail-order gift that is easy and guys will love and use. Here are five food gifts for guys that are sure to be among the best food gifts for a man.

Hot Sauce Gift For Men

Hot sauce gifts are inexpensive and will improve most guy’s lives. Mantry recommends a hot sauce subscription or hot sauce gift set as a great gift.  One of the best hot sauce gift boxes is Fuego Box. You can also get hot sauce gift basket ideas from award winning makers like Red Clay Hot SauceTruff Hot Sauce, Small Axe Peppers or even Hot Ones

Jerky Gift For Men

Sure Jerky Bouquets are a thing but they can be a boring gift. Finding a not boring gift for a guy is the key so we recommend a beef jerky gift box from Righteous Felon Jerky, Savage Jerky Co. or People’s Choice Jerky. Also consider gourmet beef jerky gift baskets like Jerky Gent or Sumo Jerky.

BBQ Sauce Gift For Men

Grilling gifts are an easy summer gift for men because 99% of guys who cook will grill. We love a bbq sauce gift sets for him from makers like Franklin's BBQ or maybe Hak’s BBQ. You can also find Keto BBQ Gifts from Primal Kitchen. Grill Master’s Club is a BBQ Subscription Box if you want to have a recurring Subscription Box Gift. 

Tinned Fish Gift For Men

A more gourmet gift for men is getting tinned fish. Think mackerel preserved in olive oil or Spanish Tuna. For North American tinned fish or a canned fish gift box we love Scout Canning Co. or gourmet tinned fish from American Tuna, Wildfish Cannery or Fishwife Tinned Seafood Co. If you are looking for Spanish Tinned fish check out our friends at La Tienda

Craft Beer Gift For Men

Craft Beer Of The Month Club is a great idea for a subscription beer gift or don’t sleep on picking up a case of local beer as a gift.


If you are looking for a food subscription gift for men that includes all of the above (minus the beer) Mantry ship six of the best American made food products every two months. You can buy on crate or a three or six mantry subscription.  Either way we hope you find a great gift idea for your husband, brother, coworker, Dad or whoever on this list and good luck! 


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