What should I make for dinner? A question as old as time.  Here's a little inspiration from the #MantryNation community to beat that weeknight (or weekend) slump and get excited to cook. 

1. Fried Bluegill Fish Dinner with Cornbread! - @wildgamecook

"Fried Bluegill Dinner. 🔥 The Spicy Shark #HotHoney was legit with the Famous Dave's Cornbread. 💯"

2. Crispy, Cheesy Pork Panko Roll Ups - @an_oregon_family

"What’s more impressive: The size of these Pork Panko Roll Ups or the crazy awesome flavor they pack in every bite?

I want to thank the folks @mantry for inspiring this Traeger cook. I have seen @baconsheir uses all over IG, so I was super excited to get a #Mantry package recently that contained a jar of #porkpanko!

I started with think pork filets that I meat hammered even thinner (FYI: this process makes me nervous... I worry about going too thin or breaking the plastic and splattering meat chunks all over the kitchen!). After hammering I dusted one side with @opiessmokehouse California Pork Rub, then layered @tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar, followed by fresh green spinach. Each pork roll up (tied with butchers twine...yes, I need a set of @grillpinz!🤪) and given an egg wash, then coated in the Pork Panko. I ran the Traeger PRO 575 to 375 until the pork reached an internal temperature of 145. Pulled, rested, devoured alongside butternut squash and green beans. So good! The combo of crunchy pork Panko with the creamy, melted cheese was THE BEST!"

3. Sliced Beef Ramen Noodles - @yettibbq

"You looking for a unique Fathers Day gift? Give your daddy the gift of a monthly subscription to Mantry.

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In this shipment I got some killer @trybachans Japanese BBQ Sauce. I had been itching to try this sauce and man was it worth the wait.
I created a sliced beef ramen noodle dish with a bit of this Japanese BBQ sauce and it was absolutely amazing."

4. Honey Glazed Spare Ribs! - @meatstickbbq

"Who coming over for some Korean inspired ribs?! Spare ribs seasoned with @dizzypigbbq “Tsunami Spin”. Hung in my @pitbarrel and flipped every hour, these took about 4.5 hours total cook time. After the 4th hour I glazed the ribs with @kpopfoods honey glaze sauce brought to me by @mantry! This was some killer eating my friends!"

5. Buffalo Shrimp - @obesquatchbbq

"Tried @porkpanko crusted @franksredhot Buffalo shrimp, the flavor was amazing lost a little panko in the process, but if you like shrimp and Buffalo sauce get it.."

6. Cheesy Chicken Parm - @jmacs_bbq

"Hit these 1/2 breast with @porkpanko from @mantry & @meatchurch Garlic&Herb went in the @lodgecastiron on my @traegergrills @ 350 until 160 internal sauced & cheesed until melted well🔥🔥🔥🔥"

7. Brisket Nachos - @the_yablos_bbq

"One does not have leftover brisket and not make nachos out of them. It’s the law. I also threw in a few brisket stuffed jalapeño poppers for good measure. Luckily, in my latest box from @mantry was a bottle of @seedranchflavor “Umami Reserve” hot sauce! Hot damn (& I do mean hot). It was so good!! Packing flavor along with some heat but didn’t burn me out too much. Taste so good had me coming back for extra dabs!! "

8. Spicy Salmon BLT - @jmacs_bbq

"Sockeye filet hit with @meatchurch Hot Honey Hog and cooked @ 325 on my @traegergrills Ranger until 130 internal !! Toasted some bread topped with the usual blt stuff & @hlthpunk UFO Sauce & Spicy Mayo."

9. Bacon Wrapped Aspargus - @iammakinitreal

"If you are in to instant gratification keep scrolling but.... if you are into freakin bomb tasting keto friendly appetizer, snack, side dishes keep your seat!!!-

Not to long ago I remembered seeing the bacon wrapped carrot thing making its rounds, I believe @kendrick_bbq got the nod for the start of that, could be wrong but he gets my nod!! While watching the carrots make their run I remembered saying well I can’t do those because of the whole keto angle so I need to find a keto friendly veg that I can wrap bacon around. -
Well some time went by and I was looking to change up my sides for a steak supper that I had coming up and thought I haven’t made any southern style green beans in a minute, with onions & garlic and baco...waitwhat...bac...bacon wrapped green beans!!!-
So, here is the deal, imma be straight up this takes about 45 minutes to prep, 11 minutes to cook and 5 minutes to devour, if that math works for you keep on trucking with me because imma promise you, it’s worth it!!-
I took 1lb of thin bacon and cut them in half, length wise. I started with a bag of cleaned and ready to go fresh green beans. You start with the bacon at the top of the bean and just start wrapping it diagonally. You will want to stretch the bacon slightly while you wrap to get the most coverage and to have enough bacon.-
I then sprinkled a brand new rub that was suggested I try that I purchased from @kosmos.q retail store in OKC it’s @heathrilesbbq garlic jalapeño rub. I sprinkled liberally on the bacon and let it set in well. -
I placed them in my air fryer, I know they will work on the grill or smoker but I was in full experimenting mode at the moment, so the air fryer it was!! I went through the start and stop check for y’all and found out that 11 minutes at 400° is where you want to be, you’re welcome!! -
There you have it bacon wrapped green beans and tomorrow I will show you what I paired these with for another Keto Friendly Meal mini series!! -
Preciatechyall!! T👊🏽-"

10. Pork Belly Burnt Ends - @octraeger

"Made some Pork Belly Burnt Ends again today and NAILED IT! Seasoned with @sucklebuster Hog Waller, sauced with Sucklebusters Peach BBQ Sauce, with some @mikeshothoney from @mantry. Hands down the best ones I’ve made yet!"

11. Spicy Honey Rabbit - @the_grateful_griller

"Grilled Spicy Honey Rabbit🐇 over a bed of grilled kale, side of white beans and skillet Jalapeño cornbread. All cooked on the @traegergrills. The marinade for the rabbit and kale was lemon, thyme, rosemary, @mikeshothoney, garlic, salt and pepper. Cornbread was also topped with @mikeshothoney thanks to my friends over @mantry where you can get amazing products shipped to you monthly. #GratefulGriller #GrilledRabbit
Jammin some @kitchendwellers @ The Cabin, Bozeman Montana 08-01-2020 finally some new music y'all."

12. Al Forno Pasta - @darth_traeger

 "Let me tell you ‘bout that al forno pasta dish last night fam 🍝 🔥

This is real simple dish to make and most of the ingredients came in my @mantry the other day.

I boiled a box of @sfoglini pasta, diced up a @parma_sausage a shallot and some garlic. While the pasta was cooking I sautéed the shallots and garlic, added the sausage together with some @spiceology Italian Blend and a cup of peas.
I set the @traegergrills Pro 575 to 375 and when the pasta was done I tossed everything together in my @finexcookware, added some @tillamook Italian Blend and a jar of @citysaucery ‘nduja. Topped it off with some @belgioiosocheese Mozzarella Pearls, fresh Basil and cooked it on the Traeger for and additional 30-40min until the Mozzarella was melted."

13. Biltong Fried Rice - @Mantry

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