7 Food Products For The Ultimate Backyard Campout

7 Food Products For The Ultimate Backyard Campout

From S'more Marshmallows to BBQ Jerky here's a roundup of 7 products from some of America's best makers to bring the campsite home.  When you just can't get out for the weekend so you crush 80's camping movies from your collapsable chair with a tent in the yard.  If you do blast into the wilderness, these eats will work just fine in the woods too :)

Treehouse Chocolate + S'more Marshmallows? Yes Please.

Drinking Chocolate // Treehouse Chocolate // Portland, OR

No backpack leaves the trailhead without a bag (or ten) of cocoa powder, easy comfort after a day’s trek. Or should we say, brown-colored sugar. Because most hot cocoas are just that. Not here. Company founder Aaron Koch had his chocolate epiphany at the source, living in a treehouse (whence the name) on a Hawaiian cocoa plantation. These bars are just as direct, sustainably sourced from small Peruvian farms — no workarounds, no fillers here. And at 72% cacao, they don’t skimp on flavor either. You’ve never tasted a richer cup, so deep and warming the sleeping bag seems overkill.

S’more Marshmallows // Wondermade // Orlando, FL

As after-dinner campfire spook stories go, there’s none scarier than the ingredients list on those Jet-Puffed. And while yes, part of the pleasure of s’mores is in the making — the flaming gobs of sugar, the chocolate stains on hiking shorts, the bits of bark stuck to the graham — what these pre-made chocolate-and-vanilla-flavored marshmallows, coated in crumbled cracker, lack in DIY appeal, they make up for in purity. No corn syrup, no chemicals; nothing to fear here but the bottom of the bag.

Cashew Cinnamon Butter S’mores Recipe Here

Oatcakes // Effie’s Homemade // Hyde Park, MA

This old family recipe goes back four generations to a wind-racked Nova Scotia farm. But that barnyard chef knew his cookies: these snacks are a far cry from field-hand hardtack or the stale and mealy graham crackers you carry to camp (and that inevitably, inescapably get wet or crumble along the way). Rustically made but refined in taste, they’re crispy, nutty, just a touch sweet, and won’t lose their crunch even when smothered in melted marshmallows. Rain, though, is another story.

Cinnamon Molasses Cashew Butter // Reginald’s Homemade // Rockville, VA

Another backcountry staple with newfound top-shelf chops. A dollop of peanut butter is the original energy bar, smeared on a pita or scooped with an apple slice, fuel for flagging feet. But its protein power boost often comes with extra baggage: sugar, salt, and preservatives. Not here. Reginald’s Cinnamon Molasses Cashew Butter is, well, exactly that: spicy cinnamon, sweet molasses, heart-healthy cashews and a bit of oil. It’s like cinnamon toast in jar — just add bread. Or a spoon.

Smoky Salami // Rustix // Norwalk, IA

What happens when one of America's best charcuterie makers gets involved in the snack stick game? This ain't no Hot Rod folks. Semi-dry, lightly-cured, and made from pork raised humanely without antibiotics Rustix have 12 grams of protein and 0 grams sugar per serving. Made by Mantry Hall Of Famer La Quercia Cured Meats, these beauties can hold their own from a high-end meat and cheese board to a hiking trail.  They also make a killer Bloody Mary garnish (see recipe below)! 

"BBQ" Bloody Mary Recipe Here

From The Maker: 

"Rustix were born out of our desire to create a delicious snack from high quality humanely raised pork, as well as a commitment to minimizing food waste. We use meat from the pork shank, a lean cut at the end of the ham that does not lend itself to traditional long curing. Salami sticks were the perfect solution for making use of this under-utilized protein rich cut and we spent months perfecting the spicing and unique curing process. We’re really proud of the result!"

BBQ Jerky // Field Trip Jerky // Brooklyn, NY

Original Savoury Snack Mix // Bubba’s Snack Foods // Loveland, CO

The description from their website nails it. 

“Are you sick of fake snacks full of artificial ingredients you can’t pronounce? Or, maybe you just can’t find a healthy snack that tastes more than seasoned cardboard. Bubba takes the frustration out of your snacking with mouthwatering, real-food snacks. With low-sugar, green bananas and real-food seasonings, Bubba finally combines healthy ingredients with big, bold flavor.” 

Not sure if it’s because of the nutrient rich green Saba bananas, the coconut oil or the adorable top hat touting monkey as a mascot but we are all about Bubba’s. The world needed to rethink the crappy banana chips found in the bulk food aisle and the team at Bubba’s has thankfully fought the good fight and peeled back a winner. 

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