Biltong is becoming more popular everyday and many people even refer to it as biltong jerky but they are different delicious meat snacks. Is biltong healthy? How is biltong made? What biltong should I buy? these are the questions we help answer.

What is the difference of Biltong vs Jerky?

Biltong is generally softer and more similar in mouth feel to steak.  Where Jerky is  most often dryer in texture and chewier. Biltong is made with a process that is slower and retains more moisture. Typically biltong is hung up and air-dried, while jerky is slow cooked on a rack.

Benefits of Biltong:

  • High protein
  • Low Fat
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Low Sugar
  • Satisfying Craving Killer

3 Biltong Brands To Try

(These Are Mantry Approved And Also Paleo & Keto Biltong For The Health Nuts)

Righteous Felon Biltong

Our friends at Righteous Felon make some of the best beef jerky in Pennsylvania and all of America.  They have ventured into Keto and Paleo Biltong offering protein packed snacks and quickly established themselves as one of the best biltong brands.  With flavors like Black Garlic and Ancho Pepper Biltong this is not bland food, this is some of the tastiest biltong out there.

Ayoba Biltong

Quality cuts are spiced, marinated, and air dried up to fourteen days. The result is big flavor, big meatiness and big taste.  This South African Biltong is Made in the USA by South Africans so you know it's the real deal. It used to be difficult to get good Biltong in America but Ayoba was part of creating a great Biltong supply chain such that South Africans living in America had the answer to "where is Biltong near me".  This is a protein rich, paleo and keto solution to killing cravings.

Still Want Jerky?

People's Choice Jerky

People's Choice Jerky has been making some of the best jerky in America for generations and they keep it clean.  They offer sugar-free, gluten-free, keto friendly jerky that has the natural ingredient list of biltong with that old fashioned jerky finish.


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