(Pictured Above) Smoked Salmon Omelette With Black Garlic Salt Recipe Here

Mantry has scoured Alaska to uncover the top-shelf craft, artisan and small-batch makers from places you’ve probably never been. From sublime smoked salmon, to hand-harvested alder smoked sea salt and birch syrup, let's get wild. 

Smoked King Salmon // Wildfish Cannery // Klawock, AK

"There’s canned fish and then there is this stuff. We were first introduced to Wildfish Cannery by a neighbour of ours in our New York office. I have never tasted such a pristine representation of the ocean in a can, it’s like you pop the top and you’re transported to a blustery, windblown fjord in Alaska. I was classically trained in French kitchens, so I love it in a dead simple omelette with chives, just like breakfast in Paris, or Anchorage of course.” -Reggie Milligan, Co-Founder, Mantry

A Couple More Quick Facts:

Where the hell is Klawock? Geography lesson! 

The owners are massive bros….

Pictured: Massive Bros Mathew Scaletta & Greg Scaletta


Smoked Salmon Omelette With Black Garlic Salt

More Ways To Use:

  1. Weekdays are better with Wildfish Smoked Salmon Pasta
  2. WTF? Cooking With Smoked Salmon Juice (Oh Yes)

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Birch Syrup Caramel Sundae With Alder Smoked Sea Salt Recipe Here

Birch Syrup Caramel // Alaska Wild Harvest // Talkeetna, Alaska

In some Birch Syrup equivalent of Hall and Oates the duo Dulce and Michael East have been cranking out smooth, silky goodness for over 20 years. This stuff is rare. Of the 3000 gallons of syrup being slanged worldwide, Kahiltna Birchworks accounts for half. This is probably because trees have to be hand-tapped in the freezing wilderness and it takes 100 gallons of evaporated sap to produce 1 gallon of syrup. Spoon some warm over coffee ice cream with a sprinkle of Alderwood salt and you too will be makin’ dreams come true.


Alder Smoked Sea Salt // Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co. // Sitka, Alaska

One morning, Jim and Darcy Michener awoke to find salt forming on the surface of a pan of sea water they’d left on their cabin stove overnight. Luckily this sparked an idea (not a fire) and for the next 10 years the two tweaked turning buckets of pristine Gulf of Alaska water into a flaked salt that has graced the tables of some of the nations top restaurants. Jim, that old salty dog, was not only the Wilderness Survival Instructor for the US Coast Guard but NFL locker room legend. Indianapolis Colt Lineman Rick Demulling would often rile up his teammates telling the ’07 tale of a fateful fishing trip when Jim (his guide at the time) ditched his rod, gaffed a free swimming Pink Salmon and bit it’s head off. Jim, who happens to be a salt of the earth type of a guy, was “more impressed Rick drank 30 beers”.


Birch Syrup Caramel Sundae With Alder Smoked Sea Salt

Birch Syrup Caramel

And for good measure here’s a gif of a Salmon hunting a bear…


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