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Sriracha Nuts // Sugar Plum // Forty Fort , PA
The humble peanut gets upstaged by chicer seeds like walnuts and filberts and, unshelled and unadorned, it’s not hard to see why. But doll ’em up a bit — and we don’t mean with a top hat and cane, Planter’s man — and the nut will draw a crowd. Cooked in Sriracha and vanilla, these are sweet enough to satisfy, spicy enough to keep you sipping: a communal snack bowl you’ll horde yourself.


Srirachup // Sosu Sauces // Oakland, CA

Asian-inspired, American-made — just the cultural mash-up to link ketchup’s roots to the modern table (the sauce was, originally, Chinese, according to foodie lore). But how far the noble spread has fallen: ketchup and sriracha too, all red-dyed and plastic-clad. Not here. California-grown Early Girls, slow cooked for two hours and hand-mixed with spices for a complex flavor that shines best simply: eggs, bacon, bread, and a hefty drizzle.


Maple Sriracha Verde // Vermont Maple Sriracha // Pittsford, VT
What’s a green mountain sriracha fan to do when he gets sick — literally — of the sulfites and preservatives in his favorite sauce? What any good Vermonter does: ask the neighbors. And like any good Vermonters, his neighbors make syrup. Thus was born this curious sauce, a mix of peppers, spices, and real maple syrup (the verde uses jalapeños, not red fresnos, for a citrusy bite and a bit more heat). Diehards may replace their pancake toppings, but we prefer it in a chicken satay: skewer cubed thigh meat on bamboo sticks, oil, and grill, then brush with a blend of Maple Sriracha and good fresh butter.

Buffalovin’ Wing Beer Bread// Soberdough // Nashville, TN

The first thing we do when baking is open a beer — it’s a long, patient process, usually (and doesn’t often end well). When the dough don’t rise, booze helps lift the spirits. This bread is so simple, though, you won’t need the liquid courage — but it will. Mix the pre-weighed and sifted dough with a bottle of beer (for this hot and cheesy buffalo-wing-inspired loaf, we like a snappy American IPA) and toss in the oven. Then crack another cold one — that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Club Sandwich

Sriracha Mustard // Green Mountain Mustard // Richmond, VT

Devotees of the cult-hit hot sauce know it works on everything from popcorn to peanut butter sandwiches — mixing it into mustard is a no brainer. But what sets this spread apart is the Sriracha within ain’t your typical mini-mart rooster sauce, but instead a hand-made mix of fresh Fresno chilies, garlic, vinegar, and Green Mountain’s house blend of mustard spices.

Apinya Thai Chili Wings Recipe Here

Thai Chili Sauce // Apinya // Herndon, VA

Finding authentic Thai in Virginia sounds about as easy as trying to find authentic Southern Food in Bangkok, but since Adam Ross began bottling his wife Apinya’s homemade sauces (she learned them from working at her mother’s restaurant in Khon Kaen) the duo has made Herndon, VA an unlikely home for the bright, tangy flavours of the Kingdom. Apinya celebrates the workhorse of SE Asian eats, the fiery, fragrant, thick-fleshed bird’s eye chili, adding just enough ginger and garlic to have you hitting this bottle early and often. Revamp your game-day wing recipe with a basket of sticky, sweet Thai Chili Wings (Mantry.com/recipes).

Sriracha Lime Jerky // Dried & True // Venice, CA

It’s no secret that Sriracha rules the sauce stratosphere of late but few people know the Rooster is named after the coastal city of Si Racha in Eastern Thailand. Matt Lauster proves he has one of the best jerky recipes in the bag using 100% USDA-certified American Beef and cutting the chili hit with fresh lime. Call the audible and send Jack Links to the bench for this perfect teammate to a Pok Pok Som Cocktail.

Southern Soul BBQ // Hot Georgia Soul // St Simons Island, GA

From Powerball tickets to moon pies many of life’s cheap thrills are had at a gas station. You just don’t always expect to find the best damn BBQ in the state. That’s exactly what’s going down at the most decorated joint in Georgia Southern Soul BBQ, where a 1955 pit stop has been revamped into a refuge for all thing wood-fired and slow-cooked. Although we don’t endorse open-fire cooking in your home kitchen, we highly recommend tossing this sauce on some ribs and hosting a sud fueled shindig for your mates.


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