5 Years, 50 hrs of basting, here are some sauce bosses.

Hot Georgia Soul Pulled Pork with Bacon Jam Recipe Here

Hot Georgia Soul Sauce // Southern Soul BBQ // St. Simons Island, GA

In a state that knows its barbecue, Southern Soul is something special: Georgia’s island-bound monument to the barbecue sandwich. Knuckles and burnt ends, chicken and sausage. Turkey? Sure. Pimento cheese? Why not. Tofu? Fat chance. If they can cook it low and slow and stuff it in a bun, they’ll serve it, generously smeared with this special sauce. An old family recipe (aren’t they all?) of smooth brown sugar, warming cayenne and tangy sriracha, we like it best with slow-cooked shoulder: rub with spices, top with onions, soak in stock, and set to low. The hardest part is a six-hour wait. The sauce makes it worth it.

Grilled Jerk Chicken Recipe Here

Jerk Sauce // Jule’s Gourmet // New York, NY

Jule’s Jamaican jerk sauce first brought its Rasta flair to ’80s Manhattan at her mother’s famous chicken joints. Now this bottled taste of Trenchtown — ginger, scallions, spices, and, that infamous Jamaican trademark, the scotch bonnet pepper’s long-lingering fruity burn — can lively up everything from drumsticks (marinate overnight) to mellow old mayo (stir in a spoonful).

Espresso BBQ Ribs Recipe Here

Franklin BBQ // Espresso BBQ Sauce // Austin, TX

The BBQ debate will continue to rage on but no one these days is denying Aaron Franklin has some of the best. What started in an East Austin parking lot out of a travel trailer has morphed into a brisket slingin’ shrine boasting a 3 hour lineup and serious accolades, Bon Appétit Magazine recently named Franklin’s the best cue’ joint in the country. Here’s your chance to skip the line and douse a lil’ Franklins on your next batch of ribs (recipe: mantry.com), but we recommend you stop by next time your roll through the Republic.


BBQ Infused Honey // RogersMade // Chattanooga, TN

The husband-and-wife team behind RogersMade stocks an eclectic mix of handmade goodies from their southern artist and foodie friends, from soap to soda, but our favorite has to be their line of Bee in Your Bonnet honeys: locally foraged golden goodness infused with a whole hive of flavors, like this one, spiked with pepper, tomatoes, cider vinegar, and hickory smoked sea salt. While it might not fly in your sleepytime tea, it does wonders for — trust us — a nacho platter. Pile chips, chicken, corn, and cheddar on an oiled tray, bake until melty, and top with cilantro, cotija, and a lengthy drizzle.

Sticky Chipotle Bourbon Ribs Recipe Here

Chipotle Bourbon BBQ Sauce // Hak’s // Los Angeles, CA

Hak’s sauce has been field-tested in America’s toughest barbecue battlegrounds, from reality TV (Sharone Hakman cut his teeth on Master Chef) to, well, a real damn battleground, fed to 500 hungry Camp Pendleton Marines, so we think it can hold its own in your backyard. Thick, chunky, and rib-coating rich, the mix of molasses, vinegar, tomatoes, and spices starts tangy sweet then kicks with bourbon smoke. Complex enough to make a simple sparerib (salt-and-peppered, baked low until just tender, then finished on the grill) a prize worth fighting over.

Korean BBQ Tacos Recipe Here

Korean BBQ Marinade // We Rub You // Queens, NY

Marinate a hunk of flanksteak with a quick soak in the sauce, fire the George Foreman, and then sling your own K-town tacos. Quick-pickled cukes and carrots add a vinegary pop where the marinade’s perfect mix of soy, apple, garlic and ginger slowly burns. Like your wings extra-hot? Stock the fridge with ice-cold OBs and brave We Rub You’s spicy Gochujang sauce.

Grilled Skirt Steak with Chimmichurri Recipe Here

Elvio’s Chimichurri Sauce // Elvio’s Chimichurri // Los Angeles, CA

Barbecue is as American as, well, barbecue — but that doesn’t mean we can’t give it a little foreign flair. Still, of all the meat-plus-flame cuisines around the world, our favorite is also closest in spirit to our own cowboy culture: the Argentine gaucho, riding the pampas with reigns in one hand and jar of chimichurri in the other. Elvio’s grandpa first whipped up this sauce of herbs, spices, and oil for his fellow gauchos. Now made in LA, it hasn’t lost its range-land power. Like a well-stoked grill: rustic, simple, and utterly transformative of everything it touches.

Honey Lavender BBQ Sauce // Motherlode Provisions // Gold Hill, CO

Originally a mining camp (go figure), Gold Hill was the site of the first major discovery of Gold during the 1859 Colorado Rush. The dusty road, rocky mountain town 8,300 feet in the sky was also where local Leland Oxley unearthed one of the burliest uses of Lavender in recent memory. Slather on Baby-Back-Ribs or drop a nip into baked beans, it’s also a damn respected stain on your white t-shirt in mining country.


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