Grady’s Cold Brew Creamsicle Recipe Here

Cold Brew Bean Bags // Grady’s Cold Brew // Brooklyn, NY

The only thing better than coffee is iced coffee — and the only thing better than iced coffee is New-Orleans-style cold brew, perfected, as only Brooklyn coffee snobs can do, by the folks at Grady’s. Steep this spicy-smooth mix of chicory and dark-roasted beans overnight and pour over ice the morning after, or better yet, mix in a few ounces of bourbon, some heavy cream, and a bit of sugar — bourbon-smoked, naturally — and freeze into grown-up creamsicles.


Coffee Toffee // Dave’s Sweet Tooth // Detroit, MI

One who travels must, eventually, return — so let’s finish out our world tour with a domestic dessert. And this one is as local as it gets: simple stateside goodness, all Michigan-made. But the former firefighter behind the namesake tooth eschews the mechanical means of his Detroit neighbors — no assembly lines, no microwaves, just butter, sugar, hand-sliced almonds, and whole roasted beans from down the road in Ferndale. A sweet end to a long journey.

Dave’s Irish Coffee Recipe Here

Ethiopian Sidamo Coffee // Dave’s Coffee // Charlestown, RI

From little ol’ Rhody comes a little ol’ roaster coaxing huge flavor out of familiar beans. Straight from coffee’s ancestral seat — the plant was born in Ethiopia — this coffee is big and bright with bass notes of cocoa and a high-hat shimmer of citrus, like a chocolate-covered candied orange. It’s a bracing way to greet the day, or to say goodnight, especially when mixed with an ounce and a half of good Irish whiskey (try Red Breast), a bit of sugar, and a dollop of whipped cream.

Espresso Cocomels // JJ’s Sweets // Boulder, CO

Candy. CANDY. Yes, fine — go nuts, kid. But let’s trojan horse this a bit. Here we have a delicious chocolate caramel, and if that’s all you need, then stop reading right here, and bliss out in coco-land. But inside that chocolate coating, a good-for-you surprise. In case the locavore gym-rat on your other shoulder pipes up, dig this: These aren’t corn-syrup-ed Wonka bars. Cocomels are all natural, made with sustainably sourced, non-GMO cocoa and smooth vegan coconut milk. Candy even a mother could love.

Tennessee Moonshine Cake // Chattanooga Cookie Co. // Chattanooga, TN

You Yankees might munch hifalutin rum cake, but down south they douse their sweets in the local nectar — white dog moonshine. Dessert and nightcap in one, these cakes are moist and fluffy, kissed with lemon, and soaked in warming, white-corn-sweet mountain dew from Gatlinburg’s Ole Smoky distillery.

Dutch Stroopwafel // Rip Van Wafels // San Francisco, CA

Update your coffee break from a paper-cup-and-pastry affair to the stately Dutch koffietijd, a mid-day ritual of patience, pleasure, and oh yeah — a gooey caramel filling. Balance this rich, buttery waffle on the rim of your mug and let the steam slowly melt its syrupy core as you gaze over the rippling Herengracht canal, or the latest cat video making the office rounds. Go Dutch, but don’t share a bite.

Coffee Summer Sausage Hash Recipe Here

Herbed Coffee Rub // Just Cook // San Francisco, CA

The quickest way to wake up a couple steaks is a good rub and 20 year veteran to software sales Scott Lucas has developed a foolproof formula. Wait, what? A software guy making spice rubs? Yep, like the quiet kid in the corner of the class that secretly knows Karate, Scott has a knack for kicking things up. In this batch, the richness of coffee is cut with smoky chipotle and rounded out with cumin. Just dust on a hanger steak or elevate your morning with our Herbed Coffee Summer Sausage Hash (recipe:

Espresso BBQ Ribs Recipe Here

Franklin BBQ // Espresso BBQ Sauce // Austin, TX

The BBQ debate will continue to rage on but no one these days is denying Aaron Franklin has some of the best. What started in an East Austin parking lot out of a travel trailer has morphed into a brisket slingin’ shrine boasting a 3 hour lineup and serious accolades, Bon Appétit Magazine recently named Franklin’s the best cue’ joint in the country. Here’s your chance to skip the line and douse a lil’ Franklins on your next batch of ribs (recipe:, but we recommend you stop by next time your roll through the Republic.

Lark Fine Foods // Espresso Chip Shortbread // Essex, MA

Let’s face it, typically going whole grain means a fraction of the flavor but Lark has found a shortcut to a better shortbread. Makers of “cookies for grown ups” this mother daughter duo have been waking and baking since 2008. On any given Sunday, this Espresso chip cookie is the perfect partner for an Iced Dave’s coffee. Double down on your coffee buzz, just dunk, eat, drink and repeat.

Olive & Sinclair // Buttermilk White Coffee // Nashville, TN

Maker Scott Witherow gave Mantry the nod to debut his newest bar, an ode to his dixie roots combining the special twang of buttermilk with smooth white chocolate and local coffee from Bongo Java Roasting Co. Scott stone grinds every batch offering the first raw cocoa to bar process in the South and the perfect partner for an afternoon cup a joe or glass of good ol’ bourbon.

Granola Jones // Mocha Hazelnut Granola // Independence, MO

Granola is no stranger to the usual suspects of oats. brown sugar and birkenstocks, but Hippie Chow kicks things up by adding crop to cup coffee, cocoa and roasted hazelnuts into the mix. Spike your morning caffeine routine with this Kansas favorite by topping a dollop of yoghurt with Hippie Chow, sliced banana and a drizzle of Dave’s Coffee Syrup.

Dave’s Coffee // Coffee Syrup // Charlestown, RI

Rhode Island may not know what the hell an island is, but the locals sure know Coffee Milk. So much so that on July 29, 1993 the bevvy narrowly beat out Del’s Lemonade (who let’s face it, looked soft that night) as the Official State Drink. Puritans mix 8 ounces of cold milk with 3 tablespoons of Syrup and for 70 years locals siphoned back the regular grade fuel known as Autocrat. Enter Dave who decided to offer a high octane, handmade equivalent to Autocrat derived from small batch roasted beans.


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