We pulled out the designer axe and whittled down the list to the worst of the worst.

#5 Manscaped

Oh we see what you did there, subbed the word "Man" in for "Land". Well, you could have stopped there but the "Your balls will thank you" slogan put you firmly into the top 5.

#4 Manpacks

An early pioneer of t-Shirt and good subscriptions catering to ultra lazy dudes who can't figure out how to buy socks and underwear consistently unless it's delivered. Extra points for being 3 services in one that all later got splintered into dollar shave club, harry's and all those clothing boxes.

#3 Harry's

Ohhhhhhhhh very cool, you are a grooming company called "Harry's" that helps hairy men.  Well, A+ for overthinking and taking everything way way too seriously.  Rule #1 of branding to guys is you can't actually be serious? Harry's has a 90's GQ level of seriousness but they know it's just razors right? Why we stan Dollar Shave Club. 


#2 Man Crates

Shortly after Mantry launched, Man Crates appeared on the scene with a product that was just a more literal, boring version.  It was a crate for Men, with poorly curated boxes of bad nitrate ridden alligator jerky and cheap pint glasses bought at liquidation, allegedly.

#1 Mantry

Just the worst. Founded in 2012 it was originally going to be called "Man Baskets" but then the founders realized that they were stocking a pantry for man so they jammed the two words together for quite possibly the worst brand name in the history of America. This doesn't mean it's not a great Father's Day Gift.


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